Rumor: Microsoft Preparing to Put Zune Out of Its Misery

When political candidates concede a campaign, they praise the "long journey" and talk about how much they've "learned." In the same mode, Microsoft's CEO has all but said he's given up on the Zune.

Mr Ballmer seemed all but ready to throw in the towel on the Zune mobile device, which has failed to gain ground on Apple's iPod. But he suggested that the focus of competition in digital media was moving onto ground that Microsoft understands well: software.

He said that, with the market for dedicated portable media players in decline, the future lay in more "general purpose" devices – such as Apple's iPhone and touch.

Asked if Microsoft would counter with a "Zune Phone", Mr Ballmer said: "You should not anticipate that."

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GWAVE3621d ago

Poor Microsoft. Unfortunately, business in the year 2009 is a bit different than business in 1985. You can't just copy and steal from you competitors to get ahead anymore. There's something called "innovation".

First it was Windows Vista. Now the Zune. I wonder when the 360 is going to get the same treatment?

(anticipates blind flurry of disagrees from blind fanboys)

BattleAxe3621d ago

I knew this was going to happen after they came out with that commercial with the guy shooting paint out of his ass.

You'll know when the 360 is on its last legs when they come out with a commercial with a white elephant shooting paint out of its ass.

CrayzeeCarl3621d ago

Apple didn't "innovate" the portable music/media player either. I had a Creative Labs Zen Jukebox 20GB 2-3 years before the iPod came out. It did die on me 3 days after the 90-day warranty, though. :(

eagle213621d ago

Just admit you broke off more than you can chew. :)

PimpDaddy3621d ago

PS3 in last place says hi

yamamoto1143621d ago

Zune interface > iPod Classic interface in terms of intuitiveness.

I do not want to have to press the menu button twice and the middle clicker once just to switch from album to artist. I just want to press right.

Admittedly, though... iPod Touch interface > both.

Godmars2903621d ago

You're only pointing out that 1) MS can't compete in an open/level market, 2) they're unable to exploit what advantages they do gain.

LoVeRSaMa3621d ago

Yet another Microsoft product Heading for the Recycle Bin [=

JasonXE3621d ago

why can't they add internet on the zune that supports youtube or flash?

PimpDaddy3621d ago

I didnt point out anything other than the PS3 was in last place so Eagle21 would shut up. Especially since we all know he likes the taste of Sony Sausage in the morning. Pretty sad of him to troll in a Zune article of all things.

But since you want to jump into this, seeing as how you tried to spin my comment. You must be female. Only a woman would try to read into what I said and come up with such a bizaree twist.

SDF is whack as hell. Makes me ashamed that I even own a PS3.

MNicholas3620d ago (Edited 3620d ago )

Average annual sales:

Ipod: >20M/yr
Zune: <1M/yr

Wii: >20M/yr
360: <9M/yr

Clearly, Microsoft is out of touch. Design by committee does not product exciting, high quality products. It just results in more expensive boondoggles like the Zune and 360. I pity those who bought these devices since Microsoft is just going to drop them like bricks as soon as it can figure out a face-saving way to admit publicly that it has failed in both high profile attempts at the potentially lucrative consumer electronics market.

It just goes to show that no matter how much money a company has, if it does not have a culture of innovation, it will not be able to break into new arenas. In fact, it will even struggle to hold on to it's core market as innovation from smaller competitors wins over consumers.

prowiew3620d ago

Nobody cant compete with the ipod. Is like trying to compete with the DS

Elven63620d ago

This article is so baseless, Microsoft sold over 2 million Zune's and in the US alone has over 14% market share the last time I checked, beating out people like Samsung, Toshiba, etc.

Just because a Zune phone is not in the works it means Microsoft is throwing in the towel? If they make a Zune phone it's going to be fun to see how Microsoft convinces fellow hardware makers to keep making handsets for them. Ballmer said the latest 10 active handset models each sold a million, thats about 10 million current handsets with Windows Mobile, why risk cannibalizing that market for the sake of a "Zune Phone"?

The stories from Gawker so I'm not surprised, they don't even have a direct quote for crying out loud!

eagle213620d ago

Sony and Nintendo kill MS in marketshare in every region. The 360 is shoddy hardware too. Sony runs miles around MS in hardware excellence. You are the only blind polesucker who needs psychiatric help. :)

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Darkseider3621d ago

Here's hoping that MS cans the Zune once and for all. It would be the smartest thing they did since the rewrite of Vista AKA Windows 7 and the canning of MS BOB.

Elvfam5113620d ago (Edited 3620d ago )

is good so far it's better than vista but it should get better by the time of release tho

rucky3621d ago

The only decent hardware Microsoft has ever made was a computer mouse. Stick to making softwares or at least find more competent hardware engineers or something.

Voozi3621d ago

Using their Microsoft Habu Gaming mouse right now, sure is sexy haha

Graphics Whore3621d ago

Well they have a Microsoft side-winder that's pretty decent, I switch between my G7 and my Sidewinder.

ambientFLIER3621d ago

Yeah, let's talk about mice and joysticks and completely forget about the original xbox, trouble-free and the most powerful console of its generation.

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