It's time to admit that Microsoft was right about the Xbox Series S — here's why

8K UUHD with path tracing at 5000 FPS is great, but what if you only have $300?

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darthv72192d ago

So the BG3 guys found an optimization for all other platforms by way of the little engine that could... interesting.

1Victor191d ago

Read the article headline and think “this sound like a Microsoft own site “ click on it read windowscentral and almost spayed my boss with water 🤣
Now about the article I’m not going to read it🤷🏿

Eonjay191d ago

"[...]but what if you only have $300?"

Apparently you would have to keep saving money. LOL no seriously. The console they show for this article cost $350. The irony...

darthv72191d ago

I didnt know you could spay using water. That's such a common procedure so maybe they can now?

But why your boss though?

Cacabunga191d ago

A mid-mid-gen upgrade will never be called a new gen console, no matter how you put it or how many excuses you try to make up.
In this case why bother cause they could have started with XSX, which was out only 1 or 2 years..

We need proper experiences worthy of new gen of consoles. XSS is a laughable attempt..

CrashMania191d ago

Jez Cordon is a big Microsoft shill and winowscentral is super MS biased.

Babadook7191d ago

“this sound like a Microsoft own site “

Bwahaha. This.

Binarycode190d ago

I bet that's what you say too all the guys.

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Y'all can add Lords of the fallen to the list of titles that PS5 outperforms series x.

Babadook7190d ago (Edited 190d ago )

Yup. Way too much advanced asset management for the Xbox to handle with that one.

crazyCoconuts192d ago

The typical "it's holding us back" argument aside, from a sales perspective, the S is selling way more than the X (wasn't it like 75% of total?), so you could make the case that if it wasn't for the S, Xbox would have like 25% of the sales they have now...

sagapo191d ago

Not necessarily. If the S wasn’t there, maybe the X would have sold more units as there was no option?
In the end it’s anybody’s guess with the “if’s” and “but’s” imo.

BillyCrystals191d ago

Crazy that they're only around 5 million Series Xs out there compared to PS5's 40 million.

StarkR3ality191d ago

Xbox has shown they couldn't give a shit about hardware, which is a shame and one of the reasons I feel like if you own a PC there is 0 point in having an Xbox. They want game pass on everyone's phone, PC, TV, fridge, you name it. They are a software company first and foremost.

Eventually the end goal will be game pass on Playstation and they can sack off consoles altogether, whether Sony would be up for that, highly doubt it, but that's their end game in my opinion.

tay8701190d ago (Edited 190d ago )

Yah highly doubt playstation would ever allow that. It's like Mcdonalds allowing their big macs to be sold at burger king. Kind of like their intent to buy nintendo, nice thought but never going to happen.

LifesChoice190d ago (Edited 190d ago )

Exactly why i didn't get a series console, it was time for a new pc i just needed a reason to bite the bullet. Im always putting off buying a new pc and just upgrade and upgrade but it was time and GPU came with gamepass so win win i guess. I was going to get a series x but ps5 seemed like a better option when i considered my pc.
I seriously doubt we will see gamepass on PS5. Things have been getting crazy lately so its not a definite but i just cant compute Sony going along with the idea.

StarkR3ality190d ago (Edited 190d ago )

I personally think CoD is the start.. they'll buy up IP to back Sony into a corner and give them no choice. Want Call of duty and Elder scrolls on your platform? Along side Halo, gears Forza and all the other shit tonne of IP we own? Brill, we will leave the console business, but you put game pass on Playstation like you've done with EA play.

Makes perfect business sense to me. I wouldn't want that to happen, I'd rather they focus on making games that compete with Sony, but Phil already said they will never outsell Sony, similar to how they'll never outsell Apple when it comes to hardware. They'll go down the windows route and get all of their software on any available platform. Steam Deck, playstation, switch 2, whatever.

Mark my words that shits coming.

shadowT192d ago

they may should stop selling the Xbox Series X then

GamerRN191d ago

Nothing wrong with giving people options...

Crows90191d ago

From now on then that's what I'll see it as...just an option.

In other words ..all mainline PS5 consoles are much more powerful than the mainline Xbox series console...

So yet again PlayStation holds the most powerful console and gamer share.

GamerRN191d ago

Wait, how does that make PS5 more powerful than Series X? Please explain that logic?

I have both systems, but that makes zero sense

attilayavuzer190d ago


No point trying to reason with fanboy logic. By extension, they're implying that the Switch was the most powerful console last gen.

maniacmayhem191d ago

This is what happens when you have people jumping the gun for some quick doom and gloom headlines. Not to mention getting opinions from devs that were possibly frustrated that they would have to do some extra tinkering for the S. And to an extent, rightly so. But the optimization and trades are there to make a game play on the S. It's a budget console and it should be treated as such.

But I have to laugh at the rest of the crowd who actually told people that the S was holding back this gen and pretended to be shocked that the S wouldn't have the bells and whistles that the X or PS5 would.

It's almost as if they were reaching, hard.

Angyobangyo191d ago

You're reaching hard thinking the S isn't holding this gen back.

Sephiroushin191d ago

S is holding back this gen period

attilayavuzer190d ago

Then why aren't Sony exclusives doing anything notable this gen?

Sephiroushin190d ago

they look a lot better while having a weaker console than the X, that alone should tell you everything

IRetrouk191d ago (Edited 191d ago )

Did you forget the original pr blurbs for the s? What about the original announce video that ms then privated after launch? You know ms over promised on the s and it has caused problems, too many devs have claimed it for it to be a lie.


"This means that the xbox series s delivers the same next gen experiance and features as series x, just at a reduced resolution"