This Week in Video Game Put-Downs

Another week, another batch of people categorically dismissing our hobby. TGR looks at the media's offhand insults and otherwise obnoxious conventional wisdom about gaming

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James Abels4199d ago

That comic couldn't be more correct

ThePimpOfSound4199d ago

We are truly the scum of the earth.

cain1414199d ago

I think the WW1 comparison is very stretched.

ihaten4glol4199d ago

Wow. It's amazing, the amount of idiocy that is allowed to be spewn from people's mouths.

cain1414199d ago

Unfortunately we can't make a law against being stupid.

dannyhinote_134199d ago

I think gamers are way too hyper-sensitive to criticism of their medium. Take it stride, boys and girls...

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