Star Ocean: The Last Hope Release Bumped Up

Siliconera: "Square Enix covertly changed its release date from March 3 to February 24. We get Star Ocean: The Last Hope a full week earlier than expected and that launch date is only five days after it comes out in Japan. When it comes to Square Enix's Xbox 360 games we've been getting more worldwide launches and less waiting."

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MrWonderful3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

Microsoft fears Killzone 2 is confirmed. the beginning of the end of the 360 starts now. its very apparent now. halo wars demo day and date with killzone demo, and now moving game release dates to around KZ2s date

MrWonderful3570d ago

dont get me wrong i have this pre ordered already as im a huge star ocean fan but its obvious why this was moved up.

Dark Collosis3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

I really hope you dont believe that. For if anything MS LEARNED unlike sony from the last gen of consoles that having the BEST FPS doesnt meen sheet in a console war. HAVING the most GAMES and accross all types of games helps you WIN a console war. And i must say i would of never emagined that MS would be rapping Sony on RPGs. Star Ocean 4 looks to be the JRPG for this year. Something sony is really lacking. I think KZ2 looks like a like a AWESOME game, and if the price comes down on the PS3 i will buy one for it, but atm i dont mind getting a CONSOLE RTS for my 360 instead. Hell most my games right now are shooters, and i must say Left 4 Dead is the best multiplayer shooter i have yet to play.. I really hope KZ2 is a great game because sony really needs it to be bad to the bone. But dont forget the new Call of Duty 5 is also comming this year.... FPS overload anyone?

sony4life3570d ago

@ Dark Collosis
you cant honestly believe that this game was not moved up to fight the crowd of people that will be getting killzone 2 in the US and EU.

creeping judas3570d ago

do you seriously belive that anyone thinks that Star Ocean can take the wind out of Killzone's Sails?? Now had they delayed GoW2 till the 24th then I would be inclined to agree with you.

khsmooth3570d ago

I know it can't just be me who can't wait to get their hands on the New Star Ocean. I've tried to keep up with this series since the PS1 days, now that I've migrated to the 360 its good to be able to see genuine RPG support. The first xbox had rpg dryness lol. So it's good to see that we are not only quality rpgs but also average rpgs as well. It's good to have a wide assortment I think.

Dark Collosis3570d ago

No i dont think there trying to take wind from KZ2 with a JRPG. There trying to take wind from KZ2 with Halo Recon/Halo Wars and the GTA4 DL content.. And i think sony will loose ONLY because they have VERY poor marketing comparred to MS, and because the PS3 is still TOO expensive in comparrison. Can sony take some more features away from the PS3 and make a cheaper version to compete with the 360? And btw i DO think Killzone 2 will be a BEAST of a game. I dont think Uncharted nor MGS4(having seen and played both) seperated itself in terms of graphics from what the xbox can do, but KILLZONE 2 sure looks to be the seperating game. Still doesnt change the fact that what sony DOMINATED with last gen (RPGS) is completely lacking and getting killed by the MS this gen.

InMyOpinion3570d ago

Is Killzone 2 released in Japan in February as well?

INehalemEXI3570d ago

It does look like they want to have an exclusive available to 360 owners, around the same time PS3 owners will be on that ps3 exclusive Kizzy2.

liquidsnake3570d ago

Haha not that anybody over there would care for a FPS game.

Anyway, really amuzing to see how MS is rushing out games on the same day as KZ2.

kewlkat0073570d ago

Some have great graphics but lacks story and gamplay while the other vice versa.

I've missed like 3 JRPGs because of time constraints on the PS3/360 this gen. some were not all that when you look at the scores but again it does come down to ones own opinion which seems to change depending on which console the game is on.

pippoppow3570d ago

MS want to lesson the media impact KZ2 will have. If there are no other games to talk about but KZ2 then the spot light will shone solely on a top PS# exclusive. They also want to try and curb current 360 owners from moving over to the PS3. All indications are that this will be a console mover in North America and yes MS is worried of letting the advantage they have in NA slip. If they lose NA then what. Surpised they didnt try and also change the relase date for Halo:ODST :)

eagle213570d ago

Ninja gaiden 2 launched 2 WEEKS before Metal Gear Solid 4 and got creamed. "star ocean" will do nothing in america to a game called Killzone 2. LMAO

Ssxtreme363570d ago

"the beginning of the end of the 360 starts now."

why do i get the feeling that ThePeoplesChamp was one of the people who said the same exact thing last year when MGS4 came out? then again when little big planet was relased?...... until till i see a real halo killer (a game that gets advertised as much as halo did) i wouldn't expect to see that any time enough with this "when this game comes out, this console war is over" crap.....

as for so4 being bumped up.....we all know its because of kz2....i think it will have a slight effect in japan, but not all that much here stateside.....people here in America just aren't as excited for Star ocean 4 as they are for killzone 2....(you cant say that's not the truth either, look at the hype meter on the front page...) i mean, i love the star ocean series but quite frankly....killzone 2 looks out of this world exciting....

FarEastOrient3569d ago

Come on Microsoft and do something about my three dead Xbox 360s! I already e-mailed Square Enix saying that I will not be buying Star Ocean since I don't have any working Xbox 360s.

I guess I'll go back to playing Xenogears, Einheinder from the PSN...

Walking away mumbling Japanese about stupid red rings.....

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No3570d ago

I can't wait to play Star Ocean: The Last Hope on my XBOX360 ELITE CONSOLE poor droids won't be able to enjoy this awesome game.

MrWonderful3570d ago

dont be in denial. this game is coming to the ps3 at some point. but im getting it on 360 because i dont want to wait to enjoy this game.

creeping judas3570d ago

Sweet, feels like fall again. Two frigging awesome games coming out days apart. Damn you Sony and MS!!!

Sorry kids daddy can't afford to feed you this week, no go along and play while daddy plays some video games!!(this is a purely fictional scenario of course?)

Hellsvacancy3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA like i care ill be 2 busy playin Killzone 2 on the 27th feb sucker

Thats not to say i wouldnt play Star Ocean because i probably would

RPG Guy3570d ago

SO4 (RPG, awesome franchise)....

Why must I forsake thee for far more uber and awesome Killzone 2....those 3 days in between are going to be agony...


.....anyways, White Knight Chronicles FTW!!!! :p

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