Massively - One Shots: Hunting carrots in Crystalsong

Massively: "It seems like a lot of players sign on each morning to knock out a nice and easy World of Warcraft Daily Quest - the Dalaran cooking dailies! If you're used to them, then you'll know that one of them is called Sewer Stew, which sends you after pieces of Chilled Meat and Crystalsong carrots so you can make a special batch of stew for a pub owner who lives in the sewer. (No, we're not entirely certain why anyone would put a pub in a sewer either, even if it is a renovated sewer.) But getting back to today's One Shots, this image of Crystalsong was sent in by Johanis, who writes: Took this picture today when Johanis visited Crystalsong (the land beneath Dalaran) to gather carrots for a cooking quest. The beauty of this particular area is hard to capture in a screenshot."

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