Prince of quitting

The Brainy Gamer: "This is the final post in a short series devoted to the new Prince of Persia.

Game endings must be very tricky business for designers to manage. Not only must the story reach a satisfying conclusion, but this conclusion must be coordinated with the player's input getting there. Typically games make us earn our endings (some going so far as to supply multiple versions), hinging gameplay success with narrative resolution. Navigate the environments, solve the puzzles, beat the bosses, game over. We know the routine.

It's no accident that for many gamers, reaching the end of the story means "beating the game" more than it means resolving the narrative. I confess I've completed plenty of games I can barely recall story-wise, but I could provide vivid accounts of their final bosses. Castlevania series, I'm lookin' right at you. ;-)

So I must give Prince of Persia producer Ben Mattes and his team at Ubisoft credit for trying to rethink the notion of "ending" and for throwing us a welcome curveball at the conclusion of the game's story."

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chaosatom3594d ago

It definitely could have been more epic. But the combat in the game is what threw me off.