PlayStation Revised Plans for Live Service Games With Only 6 Titles Coming by FY 2025

Sony CFO and COO Hiroki Totoki talked extensively about the PlayStation Business and commented on the layoffs at Bungie and the plans for live service games, on top of the transition to Jim Ryan's successor as CEO.

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Kaii223d ago

12 was Idiotic and screams the following, https://www.youtube.com/wat...

GaaS Is unattractive and unnecessary when you deliver constant single player bangers, but it really wouldn't hurt to have alternative IP's every now and then, like Killzone MP.

crazyCoconuts222d ago

I didn't realize their GaaS plan was really that aggressive. In hindsight lots of you were right to dislike Jim's leadership so much. That plan was outrageous. Even six seems too high.

Profchaos222d ago

Sure was essentially it took all their talent and forced them to go work on ripping off trending games until they struck gold or more likely Sega'd themselves out of the market

wiz7191222d ago

@Kali how else do you see Sony making money then so they can invest more into the PlayStation brand ? SP player only games doesn’t bring in enough money obviously so or else they wouldn’t even be looking into it in the first place. Sony loses $60 on each PS5 sold , they need a someway to recoup that money. On top of how expensive games are to make these days.

Obscure_Observer222d ago

"Even six seems too high."

You mean twelve, right?

3 first party GaaS games will be released per year till 2025. The other six are still coming though.

According to Totoki, nothing has changed as Playstation will remain committed to their GaaS plans, and all the 12 GaaS games are still in development.

crazyCoconuts222d ago

I'm realizing he didn't actually say they're changing the GaaS push, just that it's not happening as quickly as planned. Sigh.

Christopher222d ago

What? They're pushing less but they're not changing the GaaS push? Do people not understand words?

Before: 12 GaaS games by 2025!
Now: 6 GaaS games by 2025!
crazyCoconuts: These look the same to me!

raWfodog222d ago


I think crazyCoconuts was referring to the fact that Sony PS are still pushing for 12 Gaas games but they simply revised it to focus on 6 to be delivered by FY2025.

crazyCoconuts222d ago

@Chris, from the article "He admitted that Sony hasn't been able to meet the gamers' expectations on this front" regarding the 12.
That to me reads like he still believes we want GaaS, but they just haven't been able to build them fast enough. So train is still heading off the track, just not as fast.
I'm just going on the wording in the article. I'd like to see his actual words I guess... possible there's a different message there

Christopher222d ago

@raWfodog: His words didn't say that. They referred to the actual push, his own phrasing there. If you decrease the push, then they are changing the push.

Profchaos222d ago

It should mean we see some traditional games getting worked on alongside the gaas push I hope whereas before it was nothing but.

Sony have never done gaas well it's just not in their wheelhouse it's like asking Capcom to make cod and getting a resident evil multiplayer shooter that died on launch like back in the PS3

isarai222d ago


I was hoping the same, but it does say in the article that he says

"As a result, only 6 of the live service games will are now planned to be released by fiscal year 2025 (which ends in March 2026 for Sony), while PlayStation is still working out when to release the remaining 6. Totoki-san believes that achieving quality that can satisfy gamers should be the most important factor in this. "

Bummer, it's a huge waste of resources for something their typical fans don't even like, that together with the success rate of live service games these days, they'll be extremely lucky to get even one moderate success out of all 12, It just seems incredibly misguided.

H9222d ago

@Christopher buddy you need to chill, he means that Sony is not backing up from their GaaS push instead they just delayed half of them

Christopher222d ago (Edited 222d ago )

***Sony is not backing up from their GaaS push instead they just delayed half of them ***

But... delaying them is backing off on them. Now they'll do 12 in four years instead of 12 in two plus however many in the other two years.

Now, I 100% get that he is commenting that he thinks he's not meeting player expectations, but they are 100% not pushing GaaS as hard now by only focusing on 6.

If Sony had planned 12 SP game releases before by 2025 and then they delay them, they are pushing back their SP games and aren't supporting them at the same level they said they would. Why? Because that time they'll take to make them in future years now takes place of other games.

Obscure_Observer222d ago

"I'm realizing he didn't actually say they're changing the GaaS push, just that it's not happening as quickly as planned. Sigh."


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Eonjay222d ago (Edited 222d ago )

From my point of view, I wanted them to invest is something besides single player narrative games. I want full throated RPGs, I want FPS. I didn't mind them dipping in GaaS as they already pointed out that their goal was to use that revenue to invest in MORE single player games. Plus contrary to what people will have you believe, we PlayStation gamers play more than just single player games. Know this Sony should be addressing as many of their customers as possible.

The six games I can think of are:
Concord (its supposed to be multiplayer FPS but I think this counts)
Hell Divers
Fair Games
Last of Us

I am interested in Hell Divers 2, Last of Us, Concord, and Marathon. But we are talking about 6 games from now till April 2026. So thats sounds fine to me.

MrNinosan222d ago

GT7 is considered GaaS as well I believe

--Onilink--222d ago

Its still 12 titles, its just that previously all 12 were somehow supposed to arrive by 2025 and now half of them are 2026+

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-Foxtrot223d ago (Edited 223d ago )

I guess there’s some truth to those rumours that they were turning away from their GaaS plans

Obviously they can’t just drop everything they’ve started straight away but it’s promising at least

This is never something they should have started in the first place

blackblades223d ago

The 6 that's going to be release probably the ones that are far ahead in development. Last of us, concured, that bungie game probably 3 of them. Thought it was 10 not 12 both was a crazy number for the time frame. 3 would be fine, overall going by how he is saying I say he should stay the head for more then 1 year.

LastAvenger222d ago

Is HellDivers2 supposed to be Live Service? If so that would be 1 of 6. Not sure if that’s the intent though.

crazyCoconuts222d ago

Helldivers is another studio right? Would that count?

Eonjay222d ago

Yes Helldivers counts. They own the IP.

Redemption-64223d ago

Read the article. They are not turning away from them and there was no truth to the rumors. They plan to release six and delay the rest to ensure quality. Saying they are turning away when they are just delaying the games to achieve quality that can satisfy gamers, as they stated is just lying to yourself

crazyCoconuts222d ago

Yeah that sucks. How many live service games die within a year. This is not a good plan