Fragile new gameplay video

Namco Bandai has released 4 new gameplay video of Fragile for the Wii scheduled for January 22 in Japan.

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ChickeyCantor4193d ago

Why is he shooting black birdies? =( so sad.

jorgeanaya0004193d ago

Yeah, I know what the hell?

At least the combat is not as crappy as on previous videos.

Theo Paphitis4192d ago

Because there is a market for it.

Smacktard4192d ago

What the hell? With each video released, my anticipation for this game goes down. Ridiculous archaic combat.

kesvalk4192d ago

it seems good enough for a RPG, except the shooting one, it was, strange... no sound when he shoot and such...

anyway the game seems to be shaping as a very good rpg for the Wii, one genre that is seriously lacking in the system...

ChickeyCantor4192d ago

\I don't think it was a gun, more like a slingshot?

mastiffchild4192d ago

Yeah, it's a little catapault I believe. It's an interesting game and good looking for a Wii title but the combat does seem a bit tame. I hope they have a great story/script though as this has been in development for an age.

Mr.Mister4191d ago

maybbe theres no sound because its comming out of the wiimote.. just maybe

addnewman4192d ago

yeah it is a slingshot you can see how he pulls it back to release the shot

nintendojunkie284188d ago

..This game seems cool to me,I love the concept.