Circuit City Up For Grabs!

Loot Ninja writes:

"News just in, people. Circuit City, the American dealer and retailer in brand-name consumer electronics and entertainment software, has officially been put on sale as of today, according to my sources inside Circuit City here in New York City."

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fiercescuba4201d ago

i hope they have a huge sale. i want surround sound.

MS2721674201d ago

F**k it, I'll fill a room with tv's receivers, consoles... hey you never know what you might want in the future.

Violater4201d ago

With workers and their Jobs.

Canidae4201d ago

While I would hate for anyone to lose their jobs in this economy, I'm with the writer of the article. Them liquidating would mean I could stock up on a lot of gear I've been holding off buying. That said, either way I hope the people involved suffer as little as possible, liquidation or takeover.

taz80804201d ago

Less electronic competition would be great perhaps we will see some serious video game price slashes

season0074201d ago

me gaining a couple bucks or thousands of people retaining their jobs?
I would definitely pick the latter one

joydestroy4201d ago

why would video game prices get slashed if there was less competition?
less competition means you can set the price at whatever you want, as there are less people selling what you want.

if you were the only seller of a specific item, would you charge 5 dollars or 10 if it can't be found anywhere else?

Hellgiver4201d ago

I would love to have an updated surround sound system. Throw in a new monitor for my upcoming i7 rig, as well as a new medium size TV and I'll be golden!

f7897904201d ago

They will slowly discount everything and people will pick it up having saved $20 and bought a +$100 store warranty (stupid people will buy the store warranty). By the time big sales are going there will only be crap.

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MS2721674201d ago

I'm hopeful for full liquidation. I could use some new toys for dirt cheap.

drunkpandas4201d ago

If they can't find a buyer, it's certainly a possibility.

Parapraxis4201d ago (Edited 4201d ago )

Is Circuit City in the U.S. way overpriced like The Source (same store, different name) up here in Canada?
Either way condolences to their workers.

drunkpandas4201d ago

Not really. They were priced competitively with Best Buy. Problem is, no one went to Circuit City much after Best Buy became so popular. With so many people moving to online for electronics purchases, there really wasn't room for multiple big box stores like this here in the US. That's my 2 cents.

iiprotocolii4201d ago

With so many stores out now here in the US (Best Buy, Sam's Club, Wal-Mart, etc.) there's only so much you can expect. Best Buy has become a corporate monster and Circuit City just isn't competing with them. It's the sad truth. Other stores, like P.C. Richards, for example, I'll give a couple of more years. Look at what happened to The Wiz and Sears.

Tsalagi4201d ago

The reason i didn't shop at Circuit City was because every one i've ever been in looked like a large Dollar Store that sold tv's. Games were just thrown in bins for customers to dig through and the ones that were on the shelf were in no kind of order what so ever. Finding the line at the checkout (or the checkout area itself) was a task and getting help from an employee was next to impossible. The last time i went in one they had $2000-4000 HDTV's on the floor sitting on top of the boxes they came in (cut open to make make-shift "shelves")like some kind of fire sale was going on. I knew then they weren't going to last much longer.

greyishfox4201d ago

@2.2 I completely agree. It's the way its always been, my question is who will rise up and put Best Buy out of business?

The Great Melon4201d ago

My experience with Circuit City has always been positive. They always seem to have the better deals with sales. Also they have more games in stock than Best Buy who only has the latest games. I hate Wal-mart as they never lower their prices. Target is probably the only other store besides Best Buy and Circuit City that I frequent because they clearance things that are sometimes only two months old. OH just remember the best store of them all... Fry's Electronics. Not only an amazing selection but amazing prices. I lose so much money to Fry's.

Dark General4201d ago

I loved circuit city. They were always the cheaper of the big box retailers here in new york. The people in there was nice as well. I hope they stay in business.

f7897904201d ago

I can get a new game for $56.99 with no tax, no shipping fees, and I don't have to stand in line and show my ID. If I had a Fry's near me though..........that would be tempting.

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drunkpandas4201d ago

I think this was an inevitable after all that has gone down with Circuit City over the past six months. Although, I will take advantage of the liquidation sales should that happen.

fiercescuba4201d ago

I'll bid whatever they sell their Onkyo 7.1 Surround Sound system. its $499 now, if it drops below $350, its mine.

taz80804201d ago

Liquidation would be interesting, I may buy a Circuit City sign and hang it outside of my house, lol

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