Hackers Discuss Wii Security Technology, Undocumented Chip

Even Wii developers didn't know of the processor's existence. The presentation also touched on DVD playback, the possibility of subscription-based services, and the motivation behind hacking.

When the hackers composing Team Twiizers worked to bypass Nintendo's security measures on the Wii, they discovered several undocumented features of the Wii hardware...

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Zip4192d ago

im surprised the ps3 havent been hacked yet

ReBurn4192d ago

Give it time. With the bouquet of DRM technologies at play in the PS3 it's probably like a hackers playground. I'm sure it will happen at some point.

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ChickeyCantor4192d ago

Console makers should allow homebrew and upload it to Nintendo/MS/Sony so that other cans download their stuff for free.

Installing Linux on Ps3 isn't making any difference, since other Ps3 users can't use the software you develope for it( and you can't use all the hardware).

They should find a solution to this, pircay will become less a thing.
If the software is being uploaded to Nintendo's/Sony's/MS server they can check if it's a backdoor for piracy.

FantasyStar4192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

I disagree, that would totally go against what the scene stands for. It's the fact that we, as owners, can do whatever want without anyone telling us what to do that makes the scene what it is. You can bet that if Microsoft ever got their hands on the original Xbox Media Center that talented members of the scene created. Microsoft would be telling the XBMC team what to do, and how to do it. Follow these standards, don't do these things and so forth. It's the the very fact that people are able to do what they want is what allows all these features like custom firmwares for the PSP that allows for endless possibilities. I can't find a better portable media player than a PSP w/ Dark_Alex's CFWs on there that can match the iTouch hand for hand.

It's unfortunate that things like these are often synonymous with piracy and you know what? That isn't too much far from the truth. But the very foundation of the scene is owners like you and me being able to do whatever we want with our stuff without no corporation telling us what we can and can't do.

ChickeyCantor4192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

I never said they should have the rights to it and they can say what should be in someones software..
Just make it available to the public that's all.
I was more talking about home made games.

I mean XNA is a good step in the right direction but it also sucks since spreading your software is basically impossible.

I rather have tools that really work with a system.
Not to have all hacks and cracks just to play pong.
(yeah i know there is more than pong im running a linux desktop on my Wii, but gamedevelopment would become nice though)

xlx-russ_924192d ago

fack wii, its less powerfull than ps2

Voiceofreason4192d ago

Clearly you know nothing...

xlx-russ_924192d ago

have u played GH on ps2 and wii? so STFU

ChickeyCantor4192d ago

LMAO he uses GH as comparison game...
Just great. Fanboys like you need to get the f out.

jams_shop4192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

Those chips are able to control the human mind and they will go active on 2012 by that time even my dog is going to have a Nintendo Wii of its own. This is all part of Nintendo's world domination plan. I'm putting my life at risk by posting all this sensitive information. If I don't post again in the next 24 hours

*Hears noise, hits "add comment" , goes near window, sees assassin ninjas wearing red hats*

*goes, gets shotgun, reloads*

MicroSony4192d ago

YYYYeeeeeeeeessssss, Master....

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