Metroid Prime Samus cosplay by buff lifeguard is spellbinding in skin-tight suit

A Metroid Prime Samus cosplay by a buff lifeguard and fitness influencer is spellbinding wearing the iconic skin-tight zero suit.

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ModsDoBetter224d ago

Really scraping the barrel with this one

-Foxtrot224d ago

But it’s VideoGamer so it’s okay, f*** the rules…right?

jznrpg224d ago

Pretty soon we will have Gaming nudes on this site

Gamingsince1981223d ago

It's probably because of the competition, people are gonna submit as much crap as they can. How this "news" even passed perplexes me

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H9224d ago

Man Videogamer recently is displaying major fatherless behavior with these cosplays

CrimsonWing69224d ago

Yea she’s hot, but the cosplay is hardly impressive…

gerbintosh223d ago

I would say the makeup looks good, don't know if she does without it

Gamingsince1981223d ago

I imagine if you brought a make up wipe anywhere near her she would run 🏃‍♀️

HyperMoused224d ago

Gaming news, lady who goes to Gym wears skin tight outfit..looks good...also unless she printed that suit, its the diet coke of cosplay

Gamingsince1981223d ago

But then you do look at her at the gym and she makes a tiktok letting everyone know you are a creep lol

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15 Great Games Where Every Minute of the Experience Feels Earned

GB: "We take a look at 15 amazing games that had the perfect length."

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23d ago
coolbeans22d ago

Pretty good list. Botany Manor would be the newest addition that encapsulates that title.


Anyone else not blown away with graphics these days? Me neither

Talal writes: "I'm talking about having that rush of excitement - that feeling you get when you know you've just made a memory for a lifetime."

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OptimusDK26d ago

There are different games. Some have gamplay at it highest priority, some have the story, some have the replay value and choices... There are a lot of different game experiences.

It is laughable that just now graphics does not have anything to do with that experiene. We have had many games of that type over time. This is just the one that have come closest to feel like playing an actual movie. Just look the the Digital foundry walkthrough it is a masterpiece in that perspective and hence wrth trying. But yes do not do it for the gameplay - but that was never the goal of this experience.

GamerRN25d ago

It's because it's on Xbox. When Xbox has amazing graphics, they don't matter. When PlayStation does, it's a game changer!

Lightning7725d ago

Pretty much my thoughts. They were technical marvel's on PS and still are. The moment Xbox puts out a graphically intense game is doesn't matter suddenly.

4 years ago this month would the UE5 tech demo debut with the girl flying (tech demo said it was only possible on PS5 because of the SSD. Glad to finally see it in its glory.

fr0sty25d ago

FFS, gaming journalism has really gone downhill. At least hire people with a basic grasp of grammar... "Me neither" means the exact opposite of what the "author" is trying to say. That's like saying "I could care less"... lol.

S2Killinit25d ago

Maybe because the gameplay being dull allowed it to have the amazing graphics and people are not as impressed by graphics alone anymore? I mean there is a lot of sites saying the story and the gameplay are lackluster. So what are we supposed to enjoy then? Cgi graphics are beautiful but since they arent interactive, they dont impress me as much as they used to. Thats an extreme example, but you get my drift.

Terry_B25d ago

When Playstation (Sony) does it..its usually a great game and not a cinematic experience..or at least something new at the time..like Until Dawn back in 2015.

1Victor25d ago

@gamer:” It's because it's on Xbox. When Xbox has amazing graphics, they don't matter. When PlayStation does, it's a game changer!”

The game looks as good as any other PlayStation game in my eyes why can’t you and the other hardcore Xbox be happy about it and drag PlayStation into every conversation and force PlayStation hardcore to look into the game and find flaw that most games have in one way or another.
@light: “ 4 years ago this month would the UE5 tech demo debut with the girl flying (tech demo said it was only possible on PS5 because of the SSD. ”
Yes at that time it was only possible on PlayStation SSD how ignorant of you to think that after 4 years the technology wouldn’t evolved and move to a industry standard 🤦🏿I wish your mentality wasn’t so naive and narrow to post stuff like that 😩 in a year or 2 a new game will come out that might look better, it’s the nature of the industry.

Now that the distraction is gone I feel that is a good thing that the graphics in games are starting to hit the rooftop and hopefully the developers will put more thoughts into story and gameplay mechanics than just the next shiny oily skin of old.

Reaper22_25d ago

So true. Not surprised by all the negativity. It's a really good game and looks better than any game I've ever seen. GOTY nominee for sure. Like I said before, sony screwed up big time by not purchasing Ninja Theory.