Yakuza 3 - New Gameplay videos

Sega published two new ultra violent gameplay videos from Yakuza 3. Enjoy.

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liquidsnake3663d ago

Hahaha great, can't wait for this game either. Ijust hope it doesnt take like forever to hit EU.

Cwalat3663d ago

great indeed. but something tells me they won't release it until 2010 in Europe.

Supercalifragili3663d ago

Yep, unfortunately I have to agree with Cwalat.


Thats a straight beat down

The gaming GOD3663d ago

he throws the guy up against the soda machine and then elbows the dude in the face which puts him into the machine even further is just brutal.

I want this game bad

Da One3663d ago

that was freaking epic......................2009 PS3 owns confirmed

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