GTA 6 fans rejoice as reveal and trailer reportedly coming very soon

Grand Theft Auto fans get excited as reports suggest a GTA 6 reveal and trailer are coming to celebrate the series' 25th anniversary.

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Kaii108d ago

Announced for Fall 2025
Delayed into 2027
5 came out in 2013 so the expectations for this title are astronomically high, deservedly so.

roadkillers108d ago

I doubt it, to delay a game of this size would cost 10's of millions if not 100s. If they announce a date, they are going to make sure it hits.

bloop108d ago

R* aren't the same company they were 10 years ago so I'm keeping my expectations in check. GTA is without doubt my favourite franchise of all time but I couldn't be any less excited for VI 🤷🏼‍♂️

Sonic1881108d ago

That's the same way I feel about a lot of developer's like Naughty dog, Activision Blizzard, and Rocksteady

StrangeDerp108d ago

@bloop Let's face reality and accept the facts, because it's irrelevant that Leslie Benzies and Dan Houser left rockstar games, because Leslie Benzies left rockstar games in (2016) and it made no difference to GTA Online updates or GTA Online gameplay and Dan Houser left rockstar games in (2020), and Dan Houser ONLY wrote the GTA Story for GTA Single Player, and Dan Houser wasn't a programmer or gameplay designer lol.

Leslie Benzies (Producer) leaving rockstar games in (2016) and Dan Houser (GTA Single Player Story Writer) leaving rockstar games in (2020) isn't going to affect GTA 6 gameplay or GTA 6 Online Multiplayer, because they aren't programmers and they don't create the gameplay design, the GTA world, GTA Online, etc.

if GTA 6 Single Player Story Mode is worse than GTA 5's, who cares ?, because most people will only be playing GTA 6 Online Multiplayer after they have finished GTA 6 Single Player Story Mode anyway, because GTA Single Player Story Mode / Free Roam can only entertain most people for so long, until it becomes boring and repetitive.

There are still millions of people playing GTA Online to this day, and there is probably a lot more people playing GTA Online than GTA 5 Single Player.

Have you seen the trash games that Leslie Benzies and Dan Houser are working on ?, Leslie Benzies is working on a trash game called "Everywhere", and Dan Houser invested in a blockchain games company called "Revolving Games", Leslie Benzies and Dan Houser have seriously embarrassed themselves lol.

Here's the video trailer for Leslie Benzies boring and uninteresting looking game called "Everywhere", and here's the article link about Dan Houser investing in a blockchain games company called "Revolving Games", this is beyond embarrassing for Leslie Benzies and Dan Houser lol.

Everywhere Gamescom Teaser 2022

Rockstar co-founder Dan Houser invests in blockchain games studio, joins its advisory board

garos82108d ago

my body is ready

( its been ready for so many years after i played the last one day one on my ps3)

Soulsborne108d ago

Weird flex but ok, everyone played that shit day one.

garos82107d ago

not a flex at all, just pointing out that its been a long long time

EazyC108d ago (Edited 108d ago )

I'm actually quite surprised given the recent patent for AI (which indicates earlier than expected development state).

Given their behemoth size, R*'s games are usually only unveiled when they're pretty well progressed (~1 year from release)...so wouldn't be surprised at a Q4 2024/Q1 2025 release.

I'm sure this is technologically going to blow everyone away, but I am very weary of the multiplayer-reliance this game will likely have. Maybe I'm just a grumpy old git but I just want a big single player game with episodic DLC like GTA IV had...that would be a dream game.

Mr_cheese108d ago

No, you're not a grump old git. Rockstar was built on immersive story's and innovative gameplay. It's not archaic to expect/want to see more of that.

Mutliplayer is a worry though, I agree. It's not an issue if it doesn't detract from the single player

EazyC108d ago

Indeed. In the case of GTA V, I am still a bit bitter because it's a fact that they 'were' going to do Single Player DLC, but scrapped it because of how successful GTA:O was and prioritised that instead.

Mr_cheese108d ago

It's mad how little sense that makes as well. They could have rinsed both happily 🥲

Gamingsince1981107d ago

The fact they are talking about a trailer and things is weird because it seems most of the news about the game makes it seem pretty far away still, for example the AI tech you mentioned but then add onto that the fact they just started saying that the voice acting won't be effected by the actor strikes, now to me that seems like they aren't even close to finished with the game yet. I'm expecting it to be released in 2025.

anast108d ago

This will be a solid advert for GT6 online.

Barlos108d ago

How can you be a fan of something you know nothing about?

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PapaBop15d ago

No it won't, it will just further highlight the huge disparity in top tier open world games and Ubi's poor attempts at them.


GTA 6: Rapper T-Pain Barred From Role Playing in GTA 5 Due to Working on Sequel

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shinoff218342d ago

That blows. Hope his part isn't huge. He's already helped ruin ruin rap with all the dumb auto tune sh.

shinoff218341d ago

Whoever downvoted you trash. Lol you either downvoted based off my name or you like t pain music

Mr_cheese40d ago

T-Pain is a brilliant singer. He chose autotune artistically when it wasn't as wide used, not because he can't sing.

Eonjay40d ago

He is actually very talented. Almost shockingly so. Hearing him reminds me about the dangers of making assumptions.

shinoff218340d ago

Eonjay I'm not making assumptions. I've heard him. I feel him and a few others have ruined my favorite genre of music to an extant.