Ark: Survival Ascended will release next week on Xbox, but PlayStation users have longer to wait

Studio Wildcard and Grove Street Games’ survival game Ark: Survival Ascended - an Unreal Engine 5 remake of 2017’s Ark: Survival Evolved - has been given an Xbox Series X|S release date, less than two weeks after it launched in early access on PC.

Console-specific servers will also exist so that crossplay isn’t a requirement. Additionally, official servers for the PvP, PvE and Small Tribes modes will be available which “will be running boosted rates for a period of time to allow players starting on them to catch up”, with the hope of synchronizing the rates by mid-December.

As for the PS5 version, this will also release with cross-platform play and console-specific servers, including more mode-specific servers with even greater boosted rates to help players catch up when it launches. However, it’s still not known exactly when it will be released - the developers are hoping it’ll be by the end of the month.

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Golfcoachh228d ago

Looking forward to this game. Liked the last one.

MrNinosan227d ago

It's the same game, with some updates

Inverno227d ago

Literally the same game, again in early access, broken as hell. I don't get how people can disagree with ya lol


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