Half-Life 2 gets graphical overhaul

Bit-Tech reports: "This is why PC gaming is better than console gaming in our opinion; because of excellent mods like this which keep on improving on the games we all know and love.

When it comes to mods in fact it's tough to get more well known FakeFactory, the modder who's been working to improve the visual impact of the Half-Life games ever since their first release. The FakeFactory mods have been upping the polygon count (and amount of cleavage) on Half-Life 2's characters for a number of years now. "

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devilhunterx4192d ago

too bad the gameplay and story were terrible.

Ghoul4192d ago

utter nonsense sorry

Half life 1+2 are probably the best Shooters evermade. And yet most Devs are still behind what valve achieved with Half life

Eiffel4192d ago

What do you like?


So far all I got is b!tching.

poopsack4192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

I found the story very stale, im sorry I dont worship Half Life 2.

@yoHAN: Hey down there your preaching about choice, dont know what it is yourself? Or are people only able to choose when it best suits you? Maybe not everyone thinks its the best game ever.

y0haN4192d ago

What a troll. HL2 is one of the best games EVER. GTFO

4192d ago
devilhunterx4192d ago

I like games with a story.

Scarfy4192d ago

Because after playing it I found it overly long, repetitive and lacking in characterization.

So... What did people see in this game?

poopsack4192d ago

In episode 2, there was a vehicle section that I felt just dragged on for too long, when I reached a part where there was actually other people I was like whoah yeah! But it lasted for 2 minutes and I went on another vehicle part... again. Then the movement of the whole thing is so slow. I was having nightmares about beeping because it was the only thing I remembered about the whole thing, just beeping.

ThanatosDMC4192d ago

I agree with the crappy story or plot whatever. You're Gordon Freeman some nerd scientist guy (according to Yahtzee) and you "wake up" at the train station without knowing how the F you got there.

The game does not explain how you've became overly popular especially since there was no way everybody could know what you've done in Half Life 1.

They never explain who the suitcase guy is.

What made Half Life 2 popular is gameplay, innovation with physics, and the engine which can be easily be modded.

narked4192d ago

seriously, not knowing who the G-Man is, is part of the story, did u ever read a story and all the characters are shown immediatly? spoils the fun. as for the no-one knowing about Gordon Freeman, well if u played HL1 u will know that Dr. Kliener knows who he is, Barney knows who he is and so do other characters who know what he has done and who he is. so play your games before u speak.


the half life story can be rivaled by metal gear and halo, but thats about it.

Beast_Master4192d ago

I played the Orange box and I too was a little curious why people rated it so high. I understand the gravity gun was something not done before, but other than that I guess I didn't understand the ending with the agent. To be fair I didn't play the first Half Life, but still I found the story hard to follow.

I guess in 05 this game was ground breaking but when I played it last year I didn't get what the fuss was all about, especially with the ending. Ep. 1 and 2 didn't exactly clear things up either.

TheIneffableBob4192d ago

The story in Half-Life 2 is passively presented. Unlike most other games, it's not just thrown in your face. The story is told through the condition of the city, the attitudes of the citizens and what they say to one another, the bulletins posted on walls throughout the game, and so much more.

It requires the player to use their brain.

Tony P4192d ago

HL2 isn't god's gift to FPS imo and I'm not about get all up in arms about a story I didn't care for. But it's far from non-existent as some posters have implied. I found it exceptionally easy to follow and the gameplay to be the shining point of the entire experience. It actually expects you to think or listen instead of just shoot. That's high points in an FPS any day.

The biggest issue I have is with the episodic nature of the game; I'm far more used to having a game reach an acceptable conclusion rather than leave me at a big cliffhanger question mark. I really hate that since most games now require a $30-$60 entry fee just too see wtf happened in the sequel. But overall I didn't think badly of it.

ThanatosDMC4192d ago

Wow, you assume too much. Gears' story does not hold water. Half Life's story cannot even come close to Metal Gear but it can come close to Halo.

Out of all of those 6+ games in the Half Life universe that had the G-man never even hints anything about that guy.

Also, since i played all those games (even the PS2 co-op) you completely missed my point about EVERYBODY. Everybody you met in the game knew who Gordon Freeman was. Yes, those rebels.

I compare Half Life 2 to the first FEAR game. Stack how Fear told you the story and how in slowly opened everything to you, the player, about Alma being your mother. After understanding her powers you can nod and understand why you can have "fast reflexes" (aka slowmo powers) in the game.

Oh wait, if you've ever played that game you would know! What?! The game story evah is minesweeper?! .... waht a dmubsas.

See what i did there?

il-mouzer4191d ago

I see what you did there.

But seriously, MGS4 had no story, I'm no 360 fanboy and neither am I defending the Half Life story (although the story isn't finished yet - I doubt it has even started).

Metal Gear Solid series is no political thriller, its just a cheesy 1990s action movie, no plot just a bunch of dialogue mixed together trying to confuse you.

Hideo, I saw what you did there.

narked4189d ago

im not saying that hl story is BETTER than MGS, i can say that it compares pretty well. like metal gear, things are revealed late in games, aka MGS4. i agree that the story mgs has to offer is top notch, but you have to wait for the hl story to develop.

you cant say hl story is poor, do you understand how to combine are there? what the citadel is? and so on. i played hl countless time, if only valve didnt delay the games so much we would know more about the G-Man but we have to wait.

there are little shooters which rival the hl story, fear has a great story yes but nowere as good as the one of hl, imo.

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GWAVE4192d ago

I wouldn't go as far you say that PC gaming is better than console gaming (or that console gaming is better than PC gaming).

Still, it is pretty sweet when independent mods can improve a game. That has always been a strength of PC games. Console games such as Little Big Planet are starting to make this a possibility for console owners.

rbanke4192d ago

I allways think its a bit silly to pit consoles -vs- pc's. I would think that most gamers in general would play at least some games from pc's and consoles.

And on that note, what would be the point of limiting youreself to one console/platform anyway? I know when i see a game that appeals to me, i'm going to play it, doesnt matter what platform its on.

tplarkin74192d ago

PC gamers play the same games, over and over and over. Why buy Crysis when you can play the latest mod of Half-Life 2?

Bigrhyno4192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

That's because the games are incredibly fun.

Why are people playing Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix, when it's just an updated version of a game?

GWAVE4192d ago

You say that as if it's a bad thing. Mods are awesome. You're obviously a console-only gamer if you think otherwise.

solsub4192d ago

Well, mods gives you that additional incentive to go back and re-play those old games. Sometimes they feel like completely new experiences thanks to the endless efforts and dedication of certain modders.

It definitely is one of the major advantages of PC gaming. I really don't believe that they hinder the sales of upcoming titles but rather breathe new life into the ones you already have.

This coming from a big console supporter.

y0haN4192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

Why is it a problem? It's called choice..

poopsack4192d ago

mods arent a problem, I liked the SAS mod for UT2004 like hell, but I agree that it could become a disturbance for newer games.

y0haN4192d ago

People still play SAS 2004? I thought the UT2k4 mod scene died when Red Orchestra went retail? (I bought it and it's awesome.)

poopsack4192d ago

oh yeah, its still very active.

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onomix4192d ago

Half-Life 2 is the reason I play FPS games. It puts Halo and Gears of War to shame. When you finish this game, you'll be crying. That's how good it is. This game has revolutionized not just FPS games, but games in general. Half-life 2 is the standard in which all FPS games are compared against.

Hububla4192d ago

i have gotten more games then i can count because of HL 2 and the source engine... not just retail but there are dozens of user made full conversion mods like insurgency and age of chivalry.. and all of the mods are free! best 20$ i ever spent

ForROME4192d ago

Sorry Valve Products are dead to me. HL3 of course Ill play it for the story, then return it, or give it back to a friend whom which I borrowed it. As far as Buying, Valve can piss off, the PS3 nonsense, the attitude, I dont dig em.

Its like the Dixie chicks at their concert started talking [email protected]#$ about their president (our). Cool if you dont like em, I have no problems with that, but to use your concert as a forum ruins the exp.

If I go to see a concert, I want just a concert, if I play a game, I want them just to make games.

Proxy4192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

"If I play games, I just want them to make games."
Have they been doing anything else?

They don't have the manpower to support the PS3 and keep up on their PC development and continual released of FREE improvement for their past games. (Like recent TF2 update.) It's all business.

Also, I bet HL3 will be tied to your Steam account, which means you cannot play it and then return it.

QQcrybaby4192d ago

Dude I'm with you on the Dixie Sluts but ffs man, what you said made absolutely no sense.

Marquis_de_Sade4191d ago

Why should a developer HAVE to support a console? Valves main focus is(and always will be) the PC, because the 360 has similar architecture, it means easy porting, but the same doesn't apply to the PS3.

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