Sony Playstation CES Keynote Video

Here's the video from Sony's Playstation Keynote at CES 2009. The 30 minute video show's off Resistance Retribution, including the premiere of the story trailer, inFamous, including a ton of gameplay footage, and Killzone 2, with the premiere if the games introductory sequence. A live blog with more details is available back at the source.

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Cajun Chicken3568d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

Well, lets go.
Shy developers are shy, Fantastic looking PSP game is fantastic.

Resistance Retribution looks great for a PSP game, not to the degree of GoW:CoO but never the less, impressive. I have never played any of Sony Bend's previous PSP titles due to basically going off Syphon Filter near the end of the PSone.
RR sure looks value for money in every department and will no doubt be joining in my PSP collection, for ages since Infected (the game) and R&C:SM I have been looking for something that satifies my hunger for a really good third person shooter, I have been expecting MDK for ages, but RR looks like the game for me.
Having R2 for PS3 anyway is great as not only do I have A PSP game, I have TWO campaigns on the same game, which is incredible. Seeing I have a PSP-1000, I however will not be able to use Resistance Plus to its full potential, but thats no biggie. I will be buying this and its a really good way to flesh out the ingenious Resistance Universe.

Infamous looks great again, while Prototype seems about complete oblitteration and destruction in a dark 'Crackdown meets Destroy all Humans' fashion, Infamous looks great for its use of platforming in the landscape and I love the fact that the people of the city will react judging by how I behave (which I believe I may have people hating me in one side of the city and the other seeing me as a goodie two shoes and maybe even name a national day after me).
Anyway, the first trailer is a lot better than the second trailer, the first trailer is epic and very comic book-like, whilst the second trailer tries to hard to be 'urban' and I think if this should be advertised on TV a lot, definatly the FIRST trailer as the second one just feels like the soundtrack dampens down the gameplay footage.
Infamous just won in the gameplay legnth catorgory against Prototype (which I am freaking crazy about) and yes, the graphics of Infamous look a lot better in detail, however Prototype looks like mega explosions and fun with some weird Kirby like abilities.
Climbing in Infamous looks brilliant and more impleneted than Crackdown, Infamous will indeed be an excellent sandbox game but I will be eager to play Prototype later during the year.

Killzone 2, I've seen most the footage before last night but Killzone 2 looks amazing and I feel that even Naughty Dog will have problems refining Uncharted 2 due to the graphical intensity coupled with the camera and the colour pallete.
G4TV's footage was awful though, the GameTrailers video was much better and I expect to see that gun footage as an advert and behind a major campaign that gets the attention much like the Halo and Gears TV campaigns got.
However after Killzone 2, I think the PS3 should take a rest from FPS and online shooters and get some child friendly not-dumbed-down titles out.

Sony's first party are excelling in all genres and its plain to see
the PS3 and PSP will have a great year. Something for everyone which is great and I've only seen 3 of the titles for PS3 and PSP lined up early this year, its going to be incredible for PS3 and PSP owners.

DrWan3567d ago

What Helghasts look without their helmets? Are they human or alien? Anyone playd the first?

ReTarDedFisHy3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

are human colonizers sent to Helghan by Earth. The radiation caused them to lose all of their hair. The caustic air on Helghan disallowed them to breathe, hence the masks. To answer your question, Yes, they're human. Or once was. I strongly suggest you watch the opening cinematic for the first Killzone. It's <3.

Edit: Here, I wrote this page. Read it if you want to learn more about the Helghast. Or, just google the damn thing, haha.

Rai3567d ago

was he driving a mech?

DELTABOY043567d ago

looked like a fricken mech in this game!

Legend_5213567d ago

you forgot to bash the ps3, or toss in some hypocritical trash like you always do. heres a headline for you "epic fail CES sony video here!". for once i get an article about ps3 with no BS 360 fanboy strings attached.

infekt3567d ago

Wow. Sony's titles this year are going to rip through the gaming industry..

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