Blizzard On The Possibility Of WoW On Xbox: 'We Are Microsoft Now'

"Of course we're talking about that"

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Obscure_Observer110d ago

That would be awesome!

Fingers crossed!

babadivad108d ago

Honestly think if this happens, it'll be on Playstation as well.

Lightning77110d ago

This has been rumored since 2005.

Back then they called the move a "system seller" if it would of happened. The idea of MMO's on consoles were a big deal for its time. Today's time hardly, there's way too many types of games and communities playing on consoles. People are locked in whatever game they like unlike ps360 days where MMO's were scarce Wow's file size would probably be too big on those systems plus the way the architecture of consoles weren't PC for easier porting. That's the main reason hardly any MMO's were on PS360 and overall less games and variety compared to now. It would simply be a nice addition on consoles and have a new place for the Wow community to play on Xbox and PS.

This move is expected would be cool I suppose.

ApocalypseShadow108d ago

I seem to remember PS3 having many MMO games. Sony supported them all the way back on PS2 with cross play with PC. It was Microsoft that wasn't supportive of them. Which is why they didn't get FF. And DC Online wasn't there either. Back before that, Microsoft cancelled True Fantasy Online and cancelled the Marvel Online MMO game.

I also seem to remember PS3 supporting up to a terabyte of HDD space without void of warranty switching the HDD out. I changed my 60 gig out immediately for a larger drive at a fair market price than Microsoft's expensive, proprietary drives.

But I wouldn't be surprised that wow gets ported. Microsoft needs these games to increase their game pass subscription numbers.

Plague-Doctor27108d ago

WoW on GamePass probably isnt going to happen. There are over 30 million WoW subs paying at least $13/month. Thats almost as many GamePass subs there are and almost as much as GamePass costs. Microsoft would basically be cutting their income from these services in half if they added WoW to GP.

Only way I see them doing it is some combined, discounted package.

WoW on console would be a harder port than ESO or FF14 because it wasnt originally made with console in mind. It uses a lot more buttons. Healing with a controller would be nearly impossible imo. The WoW community has also made plug-ins basically mandatory and would actively shun players who can't/won't utilize them.

OneLove108d ago

If tera and black desert can work, then there is no reason why WoW wouldnt.

MrNinosan108d ago (Edited 108d ago )

There has never been 30 million WoW subs, and never close to it.
It's the second most popular MMO after FFXIV nowadays, and has almost 5 million subscribers, which is nowhere near the 30 million you claim.

DeusFever108d ago

“This has been rumored since 2005.”

When something has been rumored for 18 years, long enough to give birth to an human baby and then raise them to an adult human being, I can confidently say those rumors were false.

jukins108d ago

Mmos have been on consoles, at least playstation, since ps2.

Relientk77110d ago

Reading that title gave me Venom movie vibes "We are Venom" Ironically, a movie made by Sony.

1Victor108d ago

@relient:”Reading that title gave me Venom movie vibes "We are Venom" Ironically, a movie made by Sony.”
The difference is venom when from villain to antihero to hero and Microsoft is gotten from villain to super villain to (gaming)world treat 🤷🏿

itsmebryan108d ago

Explain your theory please. When Sony that dominates the market bought Insomniac and Bungie all I heard here was how great it was. Why is it when last place Microsoft buys companies its the death of the gaming industry?

oIMyersIo108d ago (Edited 108d ago )

"Why is it when last place Microsoft buys companies its the death of the gaming industry?"

Its partial bias but also has probably got something to do with how Microsoft mismanage studios and cancel stuff left and right such as Scalebound which was pretty much complete, or the recent 10,000 employees who got laid off.

I only say bias because some act as if Sony don't do the same. See: Evolution studios as just one example.

The difference is though, Sony actually tends to deliver more often than not - sure Forspoken was a stinker, but compared to Microsoft's continued disappointment, its a drop in the water.

InUrFoxHole108d ago (Edited 108d ago )

Drop in the water?
Sony killed socom and killzone and there last game quantum error was trash, plus forspoken. Not to mention the last of us mp that was promised. That's not a drop my man. No company is immune. Picking one that sucks less out of a suck pile shouldn't be the standard, though.

Sonic1881109d ago (Edited 109d ago )

Maybe a remaster of some sort. I don't see them ever making a WOW game better than the first game or on the same level since the original developer's left Activision. That's the major reason why they haven't made a sequel. They also mention the game is really design for mouse and keyboard.

Number1TailzFan109d ago

Yup, mouse and keyboard is almost essential for certain games, just like a controller is for others.

Snookies12108d ago

FF XIV made it work with a controller. Baulder's Gate and Divinity as well. Sure, keyboard/mouse will always be the best way to play games like those. Just about any game can work with a controller. It's just a matter of figuring out how to go about it. Plus the issue of an extensive overhaul for the UI in some cases lol.

XiNatsuDragnel109d ago

Great move bring WoW fans onto Xbox imo.

ocelot07108d ago

It wouldn't make any sense tbh. Wow runs great on rotten potatoes connected to a single AAA battery.

Why would wow fans then go and buy a series s. Probably have to sub to gamepass and then pay £8 a month to actually play it.

When they can just stick to 5-8 year old pc's and laptops and just pay the £8 sub fee per month.

Zeref108d ago

People have been asking for WoW on console for decades now. Imo it would be a system seller if they bring it to console and it's exclusive. Especially if they put it on GamePass.

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