Microsoft Bringing AI-Enhanced Game Developer Tools to Xbox

Microsoft is looking to expand its AI endeavors into its gaming arm, as it announced today it is partnering with Inworld AI to create game development tools for Xbox that will allow developers to create AI-enhanced characters and more.

Spotted by The Verge, this multiyear partnership will allow Xbox developers leverage artificial intelligence as part of their game development. Specifically, Inworld AI will leverage this partnership to prioritize development on an AI design copilot as well as the AI character runtime engine, which can be used to create new storylines, among other things.

Inworld AI's character engine should sound familiar to some, as veteran modder Bloc told us in an interview in August that he used the Inworld Character Engine tool to create the AI-powered GTA 5 story mod Sentient Streets before Take-Two shut it down.

shadowT230d ago (Edited 230d ago )

more AI generated empty planets for Starfield!

Sciurus_vulgaris230d ago (Edited 230d ago )

Procedurally generated landscapes are not uncommon in open worlds. The Guerrila Games used procedural tech to assist in the creation of the Horizon series ( https://m.youtube.com/watch... )AI could be used to further supplement the work done by developers when creating levels and maps.

Einhander1972229d ago

You're misrepresenting auto generation with what AI is and does, an how it's being used.

peppeaccardo229d ago

The Powaaaa of the cloud !!! ... ah No.. scratch that !!!. :P

Gamingsince1981229d ago

AI can't do any worse a job at making games than MS already, I imagine it will be better at it considering it doesn't think about money first before making its decisions, well unless they put in the prompt to add in as much monetisation as possible.

Eonjay229d ago

As a developer myself, I am fearful that AI will make devs redundant in the eyes of Publishers.

RAFTECH26229d ago

Another Win. Keep it coming xbox!

shinoff2183229d ago

How is that a win. The probability of people being cut out of jobs is not a win idc how you look at it.

RAFTECH26229d ago


Why don’t u stick with reality that Sony is the one firing people

Einhander1972229d ago (Edited 229d ago )

Microsoft to fire 10,000 employees including Xbox game developers


Microsoft lays off employees in Xbox, wargame simulation divisions

Microsoft Lays Off Over 600 Employees Across Xbox, Mixed Reality Divisions: Report

So PlayStation laid off about 10 contractors and Bungie laid off 100 people (not forced by Sony)

But keep in mind that since 2020 PlayStation has hired nearly 500 people across thier gaming and other PlayStation affiliated companies as well as Bungie went from around 900 people to 1100 since they were purchased by PlayStation.

So Microsoft is down around 12000 people and PlayStation is up hundreds.

And Microsoft was laying off people while collecting record profits.

BeRich233229d ago

Why are you comparing Microsoft to playstation and not xbox to playstation?

RAFTECH26229d ago

That’s a reach.

Compare Xbox to PlayStation
Not Microsoft to PlayStation


raWfodog229d ago (Edited 229d ago )

@BeRich and @Raftech,

Not sure if you comprehended what Einhander posted but each of those links they posted included mentions of Xbox layoffs.

Knightofelemia229d ago

The day the XBox sent a Terminator into the past to kill Sara Connor.

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