Play Preview: Street Fighter IV

Play-mag writes: "To the uninitiated, blisters, calluses and the occasional strained wrist might seem like odd selling points, which is understandable we suppose. But these minor injuries are evidence of just how intense and fierce Street Fighter IV is; of the kind of commitment and sacrifice we're prepared to make in order to improve our standing in the office rankings and of just how soft and weak the epidermis on our delicate hands is.

But yes, we have a preview version of Street Fighter IV in the office for keeps. No one's going to take it away from us. We can play it on our PS3s as much as we like, and play it we will. It's not the complete game, mind you. It's lacking a handful of characters and only has a nofrills, arcade-type mode, but what more is needed to separate the men from the boys (and the skin from the thumb)?"

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