CES 2009: Fat Princess impressions (Destructoid)

Desctructoid: Remember Fat Princess, the cooperative strategy/action game coming to PSN which garnered a little bit of controversy from feminist groups for its namesake portly royalty? Sony had an early build at their CES booth which they were giving demonstrations of. Seeing as I quite like a little junk in the trunk, I could not wait to see more of this game and a kindly Sony rep was more than happy to show it off.

In Fat Princess, your objective is to work together with other players (or the AI) to rescue your team's princess from your opponents while preventing them from carrying their own away from your dungeon. There are several means of making it more difficult for enemies to breach your castle walls and spring the damsel from your prison, such as combat with the interlopers, building doors or just fattening her up with cake to make it difficult to carry her off.

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CrAppleton4201d ago

This game looks like it would be a ton of fun.. lol.. no pun intended