Super Mario Wonder continues its No.1 reign | UK Boxed Charts

Super Mario Wonder remained at the top of the UK boxed charts for a third week, keeping EA Sports FC 24 at No.2.

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Obscure_Observer110d ago

"The football title rose one spot as Spider-Man 2 fell to No.3 after a 40% decline in sales week-on-week, according to GfK data."

Looks like Spider-Man 2 isn´t doing so great in sales as some people were expecting.

Eonjay109d ago

As ever, these charts only cover physical sales, so the true UK sales figures for each game – with digital sales taken into account – aren’t known. Spiderman is selling just fine.

Obscure_Observer109d ago

"As ever, these charts only cover physical sales"

Well that´s the case for all games in that list. Spider-Man 2 is not an exception.

andy85109d ago

It isn't though. Switch games generally do much better physically.

RonnySins109d ago (Edited 109d ago )

Yup just like Starfield and Horizon aren't doing so great in sales as some people were expecting. I don't see either titles on this chart. Hmmm. I wonder why?! ;)

InUrFoxHole109d ago

Good call my man. Now back to playing spider cube!

Barlos109d ago

Well we wouldn't really know because Xbox don't talk about number of copies sold, only how many players and how many in game farts we did.

JEECE109d ago

Better start preparing whatever trench you are going to fall back to when we get sales numbers announced. "It isn't selling as fast as Elden Ring" sounds like a good spot for you, why don't you think about using that?

CombatEmu109d ago

I find Spider-Man 2 a step down from the first game, but even then, it's not doing badly. It dropped by 69% last week followed by a 40% drop this week. Those are actually good numbers. Usually we see around a 80% drop after the first week.

Neonridr109d ago

what's Mario's drop off week on week just out of curiosity?

Snookies12109d ago

Pretty sure Spider-Man 2 is doing just fine, my guy lol.

Einhander1972109d ago

Are you seriously saying that Spider-Man which is still in the top three almost a month later going against one of the longest running most popular video game franchises on a console that has sold nearly 3x as many units is doing bad...

So you wanna talk about Forza? A game that didn't even make the top 20 in a slow launch week, then by it's second week had dropped to 83'rd place?

Obscure_Observer109d ago

Two weeks now equals to "almost a month later". Gtfo with your fabricated bs and damage control!

No one said the game is doing *bad*. Just not amazing like the original Spider-Man which remained in the top for 3 weeks in comparison Spider-Man 2 which got outsold by Mario Wonder in the first week and now in its second week been outsold by EA´s soccer game.


Fortune tellers on N4G were predicting Spider-Man 2 to destroy everything during the whole holiday season, but actual data shows a whole different picture, so based on UK charts alone, Spider-Man 2 wouldn´t be able to replicate the success of the original Spider-Man by Insomniac and there´s nothing you can do about it.

It is what it is.

Einhander1972109d ago

So you wanna talk about how hard Forza flopped?

Or how BG 3 is still in the top 5 on Steam while Starfield was in the 70's last I checked?

Hofstaderman109d ago

Where is Starfield? Maybe you should reflect on what you going to post.

ocelot07109d ago

Don't worry he will go and spend the next 7 hours looking for a link confirming starfield sold 6 copies somewhere in the world and remained in the top 20 best sellers.

Ra3030109d ago

What's hilarious is that Microsoft execs along with Phil and the Chomo Aaron refused BG3 a Xbox release date as they wanted Starfield and Forza Motorsport Remastered to have no competition for sales. They still won't allow BG3 to release......pathetic!

outsider1624109d ago

Lol...Spiderman will do just fine..stop worrying.
Speaking of which...you got Starfield's sales yet?

shinoff2183109d ago

Dude your tripping. Obscure coming through with the craziness on queue

Unknown_Gamer5794109d ago

Being in the top three week-after-week is poor sales? By that logic the vast majority of devs should quit while they’re ahead.

Rimeskeem109d ago

It sold 2.5 million copies in 24 hours.

Barlos109d ago

Bet it would be doing just fine if it were on Xbox though eh? You'd be all over it then.

Ah I forgot, we don't talk about sales on Xbox do we? We only discuss number of players and hours played.

Neonridr109d ago

we were told this is normal, yet here's Mario proving that the drop off isn't necessarily automatic.

ChiefofLoliPolice109d ago

Sometime you really just need to be quiet. No one can be this clueless.

Obscure_Observer106d ago


Great numbers! Still, not really impressive when compared to the original Spider-Man. Which sold 3.3 Million copies in the first week.

That said, it´s gonna be interesting to see if SM2 will beat that 33 Million record from the first game.

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gold_drake109d ago

not to undermine the success Mario, but switch games tend to do better with their physical copies.

Vits109d ago

We don't have any data for Nintendo Digital games and keep in mind that this info is focused on the UK, where the latest ERA report hints at a pretty hefty digital game preference – six times more digital sales compared to physical ones (excluding mobile games).

MrNinosan109d ago

Six times more digital sales compared to physical ones, doesn't apply for Nintnedo games however, which still sell way more physical than digital, even in UK.

Vits109d ago (Edited 109d ago )


Alright and can you provide a source for that statement? Cause the ERA report does not discriminate against Nintendo games. So if you have something that goes contrary to it, sharing would be the way to go.