'Halo' Wedding Video Exclusive - Wedding Prep Finishing Touches

MTV: Remember Desirai and John, the Florida couple planning a "Halo" wedding? They're getting married two Saturdays from now, and I'll be there to bring you back footage from the ceremony. But before that, we thought it would be fun to see how their wedding preparations are going. Here are some videos they shot for us on Tuesday of this week showing some of the "Halo"-themed touches they've applied to the wedding dress (her insignia on the sleeves!), the groom's cufflinks and whatnot.

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grantps33622d ago

that is realy pathetic

i know halo is good, but being that obsest is not healthy. and IMO halo doesnt desserve that kind of obsessed fan.

Lekumkee3622d ago

I'm split over this, on one hand I'm all for someone finding someone special to spend the rest of their lives with. And on the other hand F***ING HALO THEMED WEDDING?!?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! Why can't you have a regular wedding and acknowledge you met on HALO with a cake made of The Chief's helmet? Did you really have to go THAT far? Emblems and cuff links? I would HATE to be a grooms men in that wedding... I can only imagine the hell.

Voozi3622d ago

I'd lol if someone crashed the wedding Arby n Chief style (that one episode)

leftbehindxp3622d ago

HAHAHA! Bubbles to you dude! But if that was my wedding, and if the Arby n' Chief stunt happened at it and ruin it, that would still make my wedding!

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