Amazon is selling Xbox controllers that won't work in two weeks

Microsoft's new policies will block Xbox controllers that are still on sale.

Some Xbox controllers will stop working with Xbox consoles, as Microsoft takes measures to crack down on uncertified accessories.

Gamers have reported seeing an error message after plugging in their gamepads to their Xbox consoles. “A connected accessory is not authorized,” the message reads, and warns “this unauthorized accessory will be blocked from used on 12/11/2023.”

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After DOOM: The Dark Ages' Incredible Return To The Past, It's Quake's Turn

Hanzala from eXputer: "DOOM: The Dark Ages will take you on a trip down memory lane as the classic essence returns, and I hope this happens for Quake someday, too."

RaidenBlack7h ago

Gothic Quake please
No Strogg nonsense


Alan Wake 2’s Night Spring DLC is an epic Max Payne remakes precursor

Alan Wake 2’s new Night Springs DLC is an excellent reminder of how great the Max Payne remakes are likely going to be on PS5 and Xbox.

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A preview of Valorant's Console version and how it shouldn't be compared to the PC counterpart

TechRaptor writes, "With it continuing to make waves on the FPS and eSports scene, Riot Games has decided that console players should share VALORANT's fun - Is the beta a showcase of what's made the game a hit since 2020?"

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