Nintendo and Microsoft won’t allow horror game Christmas Massacre, dev claims

A developer has claimed that it is unable to release its upcoming game on Nintendo and Xbox platforms because the companies won’t allow it.

Christmas Massacre, a PS1-style horror game, will be released on PlayStation later this month, but when asked by fans if it would come to other platforms, developer Puppet Combo responded “Only PlayStation will allow it.”

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Jin_Sakai232d ago

This definitely gives Life of Black Tiger a run for its money.


isarai232d ago

I get why you would say that looking at the surface, but puppet combo games are infamous. They're almost like the A24 of the gaming industry. Love their games, they're not all bangers but a lot of them ooze atmosphere if you're into the retro aesthetic. But it's not everyone's thing

MrBaskerville232d ago (Edited 232d ago )

Puppet Combos games are fire. Loved Murder House and BLOODWASH.

A lot of the games are surprisingly spooky.

Relientk77232d ago

This game gives me Manhunt vibes but Christmas

Wow lol

Destiny1080232d ago

xbox & nintendo fans would never make it past the first level without mummy holding their hand

staticall232d ago

I would be scared to death if some old decaying mummy was holding my hand while i was playing

Angyobangyo231d ago

Oh you mean like Atreus telling the player how to solve every damn puzzle in GoW Ragnarok.

ZeekQuattro232d ago

Nintendo allows H games on the Switch so the dev must really of fucked up to get blocked. 🤣

shadowT232d ago

honestely, Sony should block this "game", too

MrBaskerville232d ago (Edited 232d ago )

You're not a man of culture I see. The entire oeuvre of Puppet Combo needs to be available on console.

It's trash horror of the finest caliber. Genuinely scary stuff, solid mechanics but also made with the same mindset as 80s horror movies directly released on vhs.

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