Burnout Paradise - 3 More Legendary Cars

Just a while back, Criterion unveiled one of 4 Legendary cars, the 88 Special. Now they have released pictures of the other three: The Manhattan Spirit, Carson Nighthawk and the Cavalry Bootlegger.

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Speed-Racer3570d ago

you got that right...Criterion..we love u

CrAppleton3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

Right there with you guys.. these games are awesome.. I'd love to see Criterion do more!

RedVsBlue3570d ago

It would be sweet if this game got the Batmobile, Back To The Future's DeLorean & the Ghostbusters car (maybe as cross promotion for the new game)

CrAppleton3570d ago

Haha.. like the NEW batmobile! That would be awesome.. and then the front breaks off into the batcycle like in the new movie.. freekin sweet

Neco5123570d ago

one of my favorite franchises

CrAppleton3570d ago

Yeah.. for sure! I love Burnout.. Still playing Paradise!