Report: Safari has almost half of US mobile browser share

Safari on the iPhone and iPod touch is dominating the mobile Web more than ever, according to a new report from mobile ad tracking firm AdMob. As of December 2008, Apple's devices have swept mobile browser competition from Microsoft and RIM in the US, and they have made significant gains worldwide against Symbian, the current mobile king outside the US.

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Montrealien3570d ago

I only use it on my Iphone, but it is a great tiny browser.

user94220773570d ago

Same, It's a great browser for iphone

zag3570d ago

Complete B S.

The nokias and Motrollas use Opera as their browser, these companies alone would have a market share far far greater than what apple would ever see.

Then WinMobile can have all 4-5 browsers.

yamamoto1143569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

Educated guesstimates: 90%+ of iPhone users use the web browser and like 20-30% users of other makes use theirs. Just because there are a lot more users of non-Apple phones doesn't mean they all use their web browsers.

But that's probably because other phone companies don't force internet service down their customer's throats.