Nintendo, Microsoft, 36 Others Sued Over Parental Control Features

A firm which alleges that Nintendo and Microsoft infringed on its nearly two decade-old parental control technology has sued the video game console makers, along with 36 other corporations, in federal court.

While, oddly enough, PlayStation manufacturer Sony is not a defendant in the case brought by Guardian Media Technologies, LTD., a number of other high profile firms are, including Apple, Amazon, Best Buy, Costco, Dell, Target, Tivo, Wal-Mart and The companies were sued on December 23rd in the Central District of California.

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ChickeyCantor3573d ago

>_>...that's like putting a patent on the colour blue.
Seriously though, people are madsh/t in need of money.
If they win(and they won't), all 38(including N and MS) have to give money....
Well played sir, played.

Aaron Greenturd3573d ago

this is called a "money grab"

how do I know?

do you own a 360?

Darkseider3573d ago

Just a pathetic attempt at trying to make money for nothing.

ultimolu3573d ago

This will die in court faster than a K.O at a boxing match.

LostChild3573d ago

If I was the judge of this case...I would fine this firm just for wasting my time. I mean come on. What's next, the firm that created passwords on electronic devices is going to sue too?

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