Halo Infinite Dev 343 Explains Shop Price Hike, ‘This Isn't Necessarily What Everyone Wants to Hear’

Halo Infinite developer 343 Industries has moved to explain a recent microtransactions price hike following a community backlash.

Jin_Sakai208d ago

You can always count on 343i to make bad decisions.

jznrpg207d ago

Replace 343 with MS and I agree

1Victor207d ago

This smell like passing down the cost of acquisitions down to the consumer at all cost in any way shape or form 🤷🏿

Godmars290207d ago

Given that under best conditions - i.e. no more such spending, it'll take decades, what do you expect?

Hell, they just tried to revoke GP for their employees.

Sonic1881207d ago (Edited 207d ago )

And you can always count on the Xbox fans defending them and the price hike. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed Halo Infinite multiplayer

Snookies12205d ago

Yeah, no excuse for this garbage 343i... I haven't played Infinite's multi-player in a long while. Downloaded it again on PC only to find that the PC port is absolutely broken right now with like 3-5 minute load-in times just for the main menu. Now hearing this, I went ahead and uninstalled it lol. Wish they'd stop shooting themselves in the foot with this title.

gold_drake208d ago

so they made several changes how the helmets etc work, however, ive never seen anyone raising prices in a shop due to changes THEY made.

crazyCoconuts208d ago

This is like raising the price on VCR players

XiNatsuDragnel208d ago

343i congratulations yall killing halo mp slowly fr

Gaming4Life1981207d ago

The store price hike is stupid but halo infinite mp is currently at its best. Nobody has to buy the cosmetics as they offer alot of free content.

Crows90207d ago

Fuck that stupid argument. If you pay full price for a game you should get everything the game has to offer.

Last I checked the game released at full price. I know MP is free but then that makes the release highly overpriced.

CobraKai207d ago

It totally was. I got suckered by Halo Infinite. All i got was a data disc and a half assed campaign.

Petebloodyonion207d ago

Does the single-player portion of the game (what ppl bought) offer Microtransaction?
As far I recall the answer is no.
So ppl got what they paid for meaning a complete campaign that is comparable to a lot of AAA games like Resident Evil, Wolfenstein, Doom, Mortal Kombat, etc.

Now regarding the FREE multiplayer part, I agree it's a stupid move that will probably do more harm than good since the game is (despite what several N4G members would like you to believe) in good health, and like Gaming4Life pointed out no one is forcing ppl to buy theses items.

rippermcrip207d ago

Any person who thinks that any game content created and released after launch should be free... go ahead a justify that... I'll be waiting.

I can see the argument for them selling shit immediately at launch, but even still that is weak.

You buy a game knowing exactly what is included when you pay it. You should expect nothing else for free.

CobraKai207d ago

Insomniac released some free costumes for free for Spiderman
Capcom released free next gen upgrades for their Resident Evil games
No Man’s Sky became a new game from all the free DLC
Minecraft has a good amount of free dlc content.
Witcher 3 had some free cosmetics and a mission.
Overwatch has new characters that were free
Arkham Knight had some free costumes and a Batmobile skin

Some people expect free DLC because some companies actually gave free DLC.

jznrpg207d ago (Edited 207d ago )

@Petebloodyonion they were already charging for items and then they raised the prices on top of that. It wasn’t free to begin with and now they want more $$

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Petebloodyonion207d ago

"@Petebloodyonion they were already charging for items and then they raised the prices on top of that. It wasn’t free to begin with and now they want more $$"

And I said that raising the price was a stupid move and even made an earlier post about how it's the best way to antagonize your customers but it still doesn't change the fact that the multiplayer portion of the game is a FREE to Play game.
In this regard, Gaming4life comments stand correct and Crows comments stand wrong since Nobody paid a dime to play the game (the MP part) and no one is forcing you to buy cosmetics.

And again I totally agree with the sentiment and don't defend MS or 343I on this crappy move.

KyRo207d ago

There is absolutely no reason for ever raising the price of cosmetics. They are some of the quickest assets to create but charge silly prices for them. Its greed. There's no other way to spin it no matter what the game is.