November 9 is Going to Be a Big Day for Xbox Game Pass

This coming Thursday, November 9 is particularly stacked when it came to new Xbox Game Pass games, as three titles are set to join the subscription service on that day. Xbox Game Pass gets new games regularly, but it's rare for any one day to include three additions. Luckily for Xbox Game Pass subscribers, that's exactly what's happening on November 9.

1 - Thirsty Suitors - Available now
2 - Football Manager 2024 - November 6
3 - Football Manager 2024 Console - November 6
4 - Dungeons 4 - November 9
5 - Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name - November 9
6 - Wild Hearts (Xbox Game Pass Ultimate) - November 9
7 - Spirittea - November 13
8 - Coral Island - November 14
9 - Persona 5 Tactica - November 17
10 - Rollerdrome - November 28

z2g233d ago

look at all the disagrees.... *eyeroll*

I think it looks great as well. Persona and Wild Hearts specifically for me. Even tho I'm still playing Starfield, Forza MS, and now Alan Wake II. Too much good stuff lately.

rippermcrip233d ago

If you weren't aware, the guy is a certified troll.

InUrFoxHole233d ago

Still facts though. A good month

Crows90233d ago

Wow. I play one game at a time...rarely 2.

itsmebryan233d ago

The only people that down vote his post is probably people that don't have gamepass.

But, my biggest problem with Gamepass is it has too many games. I'm playing Starfield and Forza now and I still have the new Cyberpunk to play. I just don't have the time to play everything because the have so many games. My backlog is insane. But, that's a good thing.

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RAFTECH26233d ago

I agree. Gamepass is killing it!

Barlos233d ago

Killing what? The industry? I agree.

Barlos233d ago

Thank you lord Phil and team Xbox! You make all my dreams come true!

Charlieboy333233d ago

Wow, your dreams don't aim very high

Barlos233d ago

I guess it wasn't obvious I was joking and was just mimicking our resident Xbox worshipper Obscure?

Charlieboy333233d ago (Edited 233d ago )

@Barlos Apologies, I don't recognise your username so at first glance I thought you were an Obscure disciple. In my defence there are many who make comments like yours in all seriousness over here

GamingSinceForever233d ago

We know you won’t have time to play them because it would take away from your job as the XBOX mascot on N4G. 😂

Barlos233d ago

I don't even own an xbox 🤣

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Rols233d ago

Another paid infomercial by XBOX.

itsmebryan233d ago

What's the next game for PS5 that you are looking forward to? Quantum error is already out so, you can't count that one.

FlavorLav01233d ago (Edited 233d ago )

Easy. Helldivers 2 looks like a blast to play with friends and it’s right around the corner

shinoff2183233d ago (Edited 233d ago )

Star ocean 2 just came out and that'll keep me busy for awhile. It is the best space rpg out there even as a remake. Still have legend of heroes last 2 games i haven't made it to so I'll be all good till ff7 rebirth

Old McGroin233d ago


Helldivers 2, forgot about that, looks tasty.