50 Cent New Track - "In God We Trust" From Blood On The Sand Video Game

This is the official track from 50 Cent "Blood On The Sand" the video game called "In God We Trust".

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Jager4191d ago

The Pope is going to go apesh!t when he see's this....

Cyber Gamer4191d ago

That game is crap so is the song

i think 50cent should just give up with his games and most of his songs r about guns,girls,money.drugs i think he need's to stop this crap cause its so old kayne west help him out lol

HDgamer4191d ago

How else will his game sell? In god we trust that this game sells at least 100 copies before K-fed makes a guest appearance.

Jamaicangmr4191d ago

Hope that the games sells 100 copies? You do realize this is the second one right? Ever stopped to wonder why? The 1st one sold surprisingly well so hate all you want 50 has a huge fan following. His fans supported the first one and i feel they will support him with this one aswel. Besides who knows the game might actually be fun.

Marceles4191d ago

not feelin the beat, sounds way too cheap and MIDI

Jamaicangmr4191d ago

Agree, it feels commercial.