Fear 2: Project Origin - Better textures, effects and resolution on PC?

PCGH interviewed one of the developers of F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin. The interview focuses on technical questions and the engine. One of the answers indicates, that the game might look better on the PC than on the consoles.

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free2game3653569d ago

That'd be nice, but I wont get my hopes up.

M337ING3569d ago

Why not? Games automatically look better on pc due to higher resolution support. And that's assuming that the developer doesn't throw in a few pc-specific features...

Antan3569d ago

"Better textures, effects and resolution on PC?"

Removal of the question mark is all thats needed.

Marceles3569d ago

lol seriously, I don't know why people insists consoles have the best graphics. Especially people in the gaming business, it shouldn't be a surprise...ever.

panasonic233569d ago

duh pc games look better than consoles lol the next gen console still won't have a game that look like cryiss

free2game3653569d ago

devs over the past 1-2 years have used the 360 version as the lead and just got the other versions of games to match it, not adding anything for the PC version, so the textures probably wont look that different, neither effects and all of that. Especially looking at how Monolith seemed to have abandoned PC gaming, or Warner Bros have made them abandon it.

M337ING3569d ago

Too bad that I read in a preview (don't remember where, I'll look for a link) that there will be PC-specific enhancements. The game also has no lead platform, each version is being developed specifically for each platform.

free2game3653569d ago

Too many developers have said that and then just never delivered. When push comes to shove and a release date nears, the PC version is usually the first to get cut back.

TheIneffableBob3569d ago

I don't think Monolith have abandoned PC gaming. Their most recent game, Condemned 2: Bloodshot, was console exclusive but that was most likely a publishing decision on Sega's part. All of Monolith's games before that have been on PC. Monolith didn't even make F.E.A.R. for consoles--a third-party studio was hired to port those. I expect F.E.A.R. 2 to be pretty great on PC and have it be the definitive version.

free2game3653569d ago

Sega? Considering Stormrise, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Alpha Protocol, and the Aliens RPG are all PC/PS3/360 I doubt it, but who knows.

M337ING3569d ago

Funny how their only exclusive is Empire: Total War. And its only on... Oh, wait, that contradicts your point... ;)

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