Oblivion PR: SIXAXIS not an option for Oblivion, Rumble Better

Peter Hines of Bethesda has stated that in Oblivion, SIXAXIS is not neccessary and personally he would've rather seen rumble implimented into the controller.


IGN: Did you ever think about including SIXAXIS motion support?

Pete Hines: We didn't think about doing anything with the SIXAXIS stuff. We just wanted to make sure it played well and doing something new with the SIXAXIS just wasn't even necessary. Obviously if we ever have a game that would work well with the SIXAXIS then we would consider using it… but that wasn't an option for Oblivion.

IGN: What do you think about SIXAXIS?

Pete Hines: I think that its value depends upon the game. It didn't make sense on Oblivion but I'm sure there are some games it does make sense on. To be honest I would rather have the rumble instead of the SIXAXIS motion stuff.

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SuperSaiyan44262d ago

Aka Immersion! Ask anyone they will say they would rather prefer rumble however I personally think the PS3 pad would have been a pretty darn good pad if it had rumble as well as its motion sensors as the Wiimote can do both.

FirstknighT4262d ago

Most gamers agree...Rumble over 6axis!

6axis is a failure.

miasma4262d ago

Rumble baby! Not sure how i feel about Sixaxis, tried it a little, gets boring real quick...
Rumble does put you into the the game more than if there isn't any. It's funny how you don't truly realize it until you try the same game experiences without it, and there this disconnect feeling to the game, rumble is definitly needed.
i think someone should make a rumble hat...yes a hat...LOL imagine the head trauma!!
sorry just cracking myself up.

FeralPhoenix4262d ago (Edited 4262d ago )

Damm Mart where do you "digg" this stuff up? -(oh, IGN huh)....Well at least PS3 guys are getting a great game....its too bad Peter Hines made those comments, but hey they asked him the question and he was isn't anything particularly shocking but still it stings a little coming from a good dev like him.

GaMr-4262d ago

Rumble is awesome. Sixaxis hasnt been proven useful the least to say. Maybe the will come up with something awesome for sixaxis. Im really curious to see what "Lair" does with it. The Dev had some really nice things to say about Sixaxis. Sony needs to get their head on right and go for the win with Sixaxis+Rumble now that would be true Next-Gen for the legendary Dual Shock Control. Droppin Rumble adding Sixaxis was 1 step forward and 1 step back.

SuperSaiyan44262d ago

So maybe you wont even notice the rumble is gone just think of it as a PS1 wireless pad.

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The story is too old to be commented.