OXM UK: Hail To The King

OXM UK writes:

"I don't know what it is about Christmas that gets me all nostalgic - could be the return to my family home, seeing old friends after a year's radio silence and the re-runs of old movies on TV, or it could just be the higher than average alcohol to blood ratio that I maintain throughout the festive period.

Whatever the reason, while my intention was to polish off Far Cry 2 and make some genuine headway with a second playthrough of Fallout 3, what I actually ended up doing was clocking Duke Nukem 3D in its entirety. I played the game to death on the PC when I was a tyke, but because it was so easy to strip the innards out and skip from level to level, or download user created maps, I can't recall ever playing the game through in its entirety. Worse still, I used to cheat my pants off, getting hold of all the weapons and running around in god mode, allowing me to just spend my time kicking the snot out of the alien hordes."

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