Will There Be Any Decent Movie Tie-Ins This Year?

The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, Ghostbusters on C64, Aladdin, Goldeneye, Riddick: the list of great movie tie-ins is barely longer than Russell Crowe's temper. What chances, then, of even seeing a few good ones during 2009? Can the year that sees Barack Obama's inauguration, a Michael Jackson comeback, and a Star Trek movie that doesn't suck, prove that anything is possible?

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007 Quantum of Solace was a great game for 08, i loved it :)

Cwalat3572d ago

IMO it will seriously take some time before they truly get that bond 007 feeling.

Anyways, i'm holding an eye out for Terminator salvation.

thebudgetgamer3572d ago

if they ruin the watchmen game someone going to be thrown down an elevator shaft