Sony Sees Home Potentially as Profitable for Game Devs as Main Titles

Sony is already seeing Home as a revenue stream with potential. Less than a month after launch, the PlayStation 3 virtual world has been downloaded 3.4 million times and users have spent over $1 million on virtual goods. Some of those goods are from brands like Diesel Jeans, but Lead Programmer Mitch Goodwin told Develop that he sees Home as potentially as profitable for game developers as their main titles.

"You can potentially see games making as much money out of their themed spaces within Home than with the title itself – it could balance the cost of development, make the upfront cost of the game cheaper, supported by extra functionality through Home microtransactions," said Goodwin. "We're not doing this as a charity, and we'd not expect any developer to do so either. It may take a bit of time as things progress and more functionality is exposed with updates, but it definitely should be the case that people want to do this not only to create communities but also for the financial prospects"

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sinncross4197d ago

And why not, Home seems to be shaping up well as of late.

As long as the main experience remains free (along with the PSN) then gamers might be more willingly to spend a few bucks on items within the Home service.

The app just needs to get released on the PSP!

Raz4197d ago

Home's sold over $1 mln in micro-trans...I don't think they're going to start charging for the core service when keeping it free has worked so well.

The XBOX fans laugh at us for buying virtual furniture, but the fact is micro-transactions pay off as an incentive to expand the network and provide more services and features. It ain't a charity, after all - Sony is a corporation like any other and they'd like to keep making profits. I just happen to like the way they go about it, keeping core services free and charging only for extras and add-ons.

..Rather than, say, charging everyone a fee for the privilege of playing online at all. ^_^

No4197d ago

wow I'm a Delusional droid I'll guess i will pay (REAL CASH) for virtual furniture.

topgeareasy4197d ago

doesn't Queers of war 1.5 work online now .... oh wait it does not !!!