Xbox 360: What Should You Buy?

Just bought a system? The IGN team lays out the pros and cons of all the best Xbox 360 games on the market.

Let's say for a second that you didn't rush out on November 22, 2005 and buy a $399.99 Xbox 360. Let's say for a second you were too broke or, maybe, you just couldn't find one. Just pretend. With a few exceptions, Microsoft had made up for its early lack of systems by providing a regular flow of Xbox 360s into retail channels and today. Right now second wave buyers or borderline fence-sitters are finally breaking down and are buying Xbox 360s. But many questions still remain unanswered. What games should you buy? What's worth your hard-earned salary? Which games should you avoid? IGN can save you from throwing away cash with this helpful mid-summer guide.

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TheMART6197d ago

Well I think it's quit complete, except there is always a subjective opinion included.

And the rescent price drop of some games also.
If you ask me, Kameo needs te be mentioned also. Especially when you can pick it up in the States for about 29,95 dollar and hopefully for the same amount of Euro's soon overhere also.

They missed out some other games (arcade ones also like Uno) and it would be nice if they had shown the games up till the end of the year worth waiting/saving your money for like (well this one everyone knows to get) Gears of War, Forza 2 and others.

The best thing is Condemned also lowered in price in USA, so together with Kameo 2 games for the price of one... That's fun!

USMChardcharger6197d ago

if you just bought a 360...take this advice...if you like online shooters get Call of Duty2 (a great single player too)

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shotty6197d ago

If you just bought a xbox 360 buy the launch games. They are cheap and really fun. Like condemmed, PDZ, call of duty 2, kameo, PGR, NFS Most Wanted