10 Best Horror Game Characters That Made Their Games so Much Scarier

Twinfinite: “Join us as we dig into our list of 10 horror game characters who made their games so much more terrifying to experience.”

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Nacho_Z236d ago

Yeah that giant baby monster thing from Resi Village was rough. I think it only killed me once the first time I encountered it and panicked but it was a nasty way to go. I was happy to get out of there.


iPhone release helps Resident Evil Village hit ten million sales

Resident Evil Villages sales numbers helped the videogame series hit a staggering 157 million sales 28 years after Resident Evil came out.

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CrashMania13d ago

Lol I doubt iPhone contributed much to that figure, the vast majority would have been PS5 and PC.

mastershredder12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

Yeah, of course the mobile sites are going to make news out of the couple digit in-the-thousands or so downloads as a major contribution. The original story was that Village hit the 10 million mark across all the platforms, nice for mobile fans to take it up a serious notch like it was due on behalf of mobile.


Silent Hill 2 Different Editions, Pre-Order Bonuses Confirm PlayStation-Exclusive Item

The Silent Hill 2 different editions, pre-order bonuses have been revealed, and yes, there is exclusive PlayStation content.

repsahj22d ago

Can't wait for this game!! But I'll just get the standard edition with pre order bonus.


What Made Resident Evil Village an Excellent Survival Horror Game?

GB: "Resident Evil Village is three years old now, and looking back, it’s still a game that fills me with immense joy."

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