Rumour: PS2 Emulator Coming to PlayStation 3

'Could a PlayStation 2 software emulator be coming to all PlayStation 3's in the near future?

Yes we know your launch PlayStation 3 plays PlayStation 2 games. Good for you. However, with a necessary chip missing from recent models, the rest of us are left in the lurch.

So here comes the rumour that Sony is looking into the problem.'

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Aaron Greenturd3571d ago

this would be a major blow to all of my followers.

i mean, we attack Sony sooo hard, and yet they still figure out a way to silence us....

so members of the media and i will convene in our "think tank" and see if we can't come up with a new line of attacks so we don't run out.

we can handle running out of games in '09; we cannot afford to run out of attacks on Sony...ever.

Baliw3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

40gb PS3 running PS2 games in Factory/Service Mode

The guy send it to Sony Techies and they gave it back with this firmware loaded.

Is in spanish. Video is a bit crappy but they will upload a better one to prove it, later.


malcolm x3571d ago

maybe in 2010 after the PS2 compleat 10 year

AriesFury3571d ago

it's just a rumour. Until Sony say something officially, I won't here it.

ThanatosDMC3571d ago

Are the 160gb PS3s bundled with Uncharted: Drakes Fortune backwards compatible?

Sev3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

@ Thanatos, Nope

@ 1.2
That is fake crap. It is technically impossible for a 40GB PS3 to run a PS2 title.

@ this article... There are no plans at this time, and that comes from someone directly in the know. (not me)

The only way this is possible, is if they release PS2 games from the PS Store, and they would be coded differently, than a PS2 disc would be.

The PS3 unless you own a 60GB/20GB/Motorstorm 80GB will never run a PS2 disc. Tough cookies.

Zeevious3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

There are PS2 emulators already available for Windows & Linux system with lower specs than the PS3's or 360's hardware.

This emulator, PCSX-II comes to's over 70% compatible, and thats with no help from Sony...reverse engineered:

Another thing to consider is Sony's posted and filled a job for a "Hardware emulation engineer" for the PS2 & PS3 at te end of January 2008...almost 1 year ago. I posted about this several months ago:

Here's some more information about their development in this area:

Emulation of the PS2 on the PS3 has been in development, hiring in January of 2008 specifically for this project.

The PS3 (and 360 for that fact) is well within the specs for functional, fully compatible, entirely software-based PS2 emulation.

Sony planned this even before the PS3's launch according to an article in mid-2006:
For financial and marketing reasons they planned to re-introducing compatibility solely through software emulation later, closer to the end of the PS2's viable market life.

In my opinion it would have made more sense to complete and release the emulator with the 40gig and all future models when the EE/components where removed.

The Cell processor can certainly emulate a non-HD older game system with 32 megabytes of ram running at less than a tenth of the performance, since some examples of PS2 emulators already exist for the PC & Developers.

If anyone was creating a viable PS3/PS2 emulator, it would be the company that created the PS2.

It is just a question of when this would be publicly released.
It is also a question of releasing a UNIVERSAL emulator, as was rumored to be included, then removed from the October 2008 firmware update...or just SELECTIVE emulation, per game-released with each PS2 game on PSN.

Note: The job listing link at Sony's site for JAN 17-2008 is gone, as the position has been filled, but there are still cache and reference links available...

It is entirely possible to create a functioning emulator on the current hardware and for the PS4.

PS2 emulation would be a smart business move to continue selling PS2 games and to transition PS2 owners at the end of the PS2 platforms life.

In any event, there are already several emulators running in the native GameOS...Why rule out one more that your fanbase wants & your hardware can emulate?

f7897903570d ago

Look at what ended up on the PSP. All PS3s could easily run PS2 games its just that you will sell your PS2 and Sony will lose out on new PS2 sales. So they charged you $100 more for the one with PS2 compatibility so they get their $100 no matter what. Once the PS2 isnt sold in stores anymore, there is no reason to hold back PS2 emulation from us.

kharma453570d ago

The EU PS3 (60GB model) had the emotion engine removed as you all know, and did most of it's emulation via software BUT it's still had the GPU from the PS2 inside it, as it still needs some form of hardware to run PS2 games.

One last point, the part software/part hardware EU PS3 couldn't play all PS2 games, only about 70% or so, so even if hypothetically software only emulation came to the PS3, what percentage of games would run then?

ReBurn3570d ago

I can't believe you fell for that. You can see the flicker after the screen goes dark where they switch it over to a PS2. Also, when a PS2 title boots the PlayStation 2 splash screen displays upon startup. That didn't happen.

I guess if it's on the internet it must be true, right?

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Pennywise3571d ago

I would expect something like this. Sony likes BC and they HAD to remove it to save costs. I am sure they would like to give PS3 users without B/C an option to play old games.

Mr_Bun3571d ago

We keep getting teased like this, but nothing solid seems to come of it.

Lucreto3571d ago

They could just keeping it quiet. Just today they said they unveiled Home too early just may be they learned something from that.

Mr_Bun3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

They may have learned their lesson from home, but right now I would rather them work on cross game voice chat...I would like to play my PS2 games on the PS3, but if I really need to play them, I can always do it on my PS2.

Pennywise3571d ago

Cross game chat is really the only feature PS3 needs to add.

Even with a keyboard its a pain to stop and type while I am playing.

Ju3571d ago

They could combine that with the release of PS2 titles on PSN. Those titles could be tested against that emu and guaranteed to run properly. That could be big...

Lucreto3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

Why is cross game chat be important? I don't consider it to be. I would rather just text them or meet in HOME. I can't concentrate on my game if I am having a conversation at the same time.

Mr_Bun3571d ago

I would rather just use voice chat from the XMB than to load up home to talk...I could have used voice chat a number of times just this week. A buddy of mine and I are currently playing Fallout. We are trying to help each other out, but we have to pull up the XMB and send a txt....It would be way easier to just talk.

Lucreto3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

I see what you are coming from.

I play checkers before I get owned in Resistance.

I prefer to text as I only have a few English speaking friends on my list and the ones that do speak English I can't understand them with the accent.

Anyway I am a RPG fan I don't like FPS games. I like resistance 2 though but I am a human target most of the time online and people are not quiet about it so I just turn on mute every match.

It is most likely explains why my friends list is empty. :(

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DA_SHREDDER3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

I wanna play FFX, god of War, and Dragon Warrior 8, Timesplitters, The real Redfaction, Summoner, and many more, but I dont have room for any more consoles in my life. This would mean so much to me.

Cajun Chicken3571d ago

Hope so, get that second Playstation in for everyone!

Baliw3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

PS2 BC on PS3 when Sony stops PS2 production this year.

They need to sell that stock before add the BC.

Anyway PS2 BC is already a reality; Singstar already have it added in last patch..

Sev3571d ago

@ Bailw,


The way Singstar works is different. It is not running the game from the disc, only the tracks.

Darkseider3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

As much as I would like it I will chalk this up to "pipe dream".

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