Warriors Orochi Z For PS3 Confirmed

Musou Orochi Z is a new entry in the series that is known outside of Japan as Warriors Orochi. Details on the PS3 version are scarce, but Koei is promising high quality visuals expected of a PS3 game and the greatest number of on-screen enemies so far for the series. The latter is probably important since this is a Musou game and all.

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buffalo10664197d ago

graphically all these games are meh no matter what they say but i really enjoy these kind of games even if the graphics suck.
warriors orochi is actually a good game though i have it for the 360 and its a mixture of dynasty warriors characters and some other games characters. simply its dynasty warriors with new characters. orochi is the name of the villain of the game hence the name

THC CELL4197d ago

so where looking at a destiny warriors or heavenly sword ?

Andreas-Sword4197d ago (Edited 4197d ago )

Awesome :) Nice :)
I want more next gen "Warriors" games with very good graphics!

And, I want a "Dynasty Warriors" or a "Warriors Orochi" game similar to "God of War 2" and "Onimusha 3" !

Tony P4197d ago

I haven't bothered with the Musou series of games since like DWXtreme Legends or something on PS2 mainly because they haven't changed it up enough besides adding more enemies/weapons/items/etc.

I'm not even sure if there have been any nextgen releases of the series. If there have, are they more of the same or are there any worthwhile additions?

Da One4197d ago

it was worse than 5 it just looked better

Warriors Orochi on the other hand was actually kind of good.