The Most-Awaited Games Of 2009: Nintendo DS

With nearly a full year of of game releases ahead, Gamasutra is picking out noteworthy titles due in 2009 for each home and handheld platform, this time for the Nintendo DS.

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PS360WII3568d ago

Infinite Space just seems epic! Will be great once it comes out

Joey Greco RULES3568d ago

Those 2 I will get.

Im too old for Pokemon, now.

Uncommon Calibur3568d ago

for retro gaming challenge and valkyrie profile

fatstarr3568d ago

that list is good but not as good as the wii list. i hope we get professor Layton 2 and some of those jrpgs and kingdom hearts 358/2 or w/e it is.

AriesFury3568d ago

1 it's has no downloadable content for the DS and 2. it's not on the PSN, PSP