OXCGN: Sonic Unleashed Review

If Sonic can stop trying to be both 'old school' and 'evolutionary' and just stick to being a solid game with well-paced variety and exploration, without the punishing challenge which alienates kids and casuals, it really could own the 'cute, cartoony and fun' niche. Instead it tries to straddle the past and present too literally and, like Sonic does so often in the game, falls a bit flat.

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gaminoz3662d ago

The above quote is all too true. Looks amazing but it is frustrating and the camera and the platforming really suck! Love the towns though and don't mind the minor RPG elements.

Maybe the next Sonic should be an RPG with fast bits in between? Get rid of the platforming altogether?

Godem3662d ago

They tried a sonic RPG on the DS... didn't really work out it seemed

Godem3662d ago

I've played this at a 360 kiosk at a shop, and I loved the speed, but I found i had to stop every second to slowly pick up all the rings because the controls were so damn sensitive !

gaminoz3662d ago

Yeah well later levels you have to stop to jump onto platforms during the speed sections too...doesn't make sense. Also there are more and more ways to fall and die, which really ends the whole speed and fun thing.

Some great ideas, but some really really bad ones too. If they can learn from this one they could get it's heading slowly in the right direction anyway.

Steelspawn3662d ago

Why must they make Sonic die a slow death?