CES 2009: Vivox Adds Cell Phones to In-Game Chatting

Vivox (pronounced "vee-vocks") is a company devoted to providing voice chat to online games - a feature that is anything but brand-new. Whether it's through a push-to-talk button in one's favorite FPS, or the constant trash talk of Xbox LIVE, gamers have been able to speak to one another in-game for years. Plenty of dedicated solutions for managing one's voice chat are available to the talkative gamer, including Ventrilo and Skype, and a number of games have chat systems already built in. As I learned from Monty Sharma, Vivox's VP of Product Management, Vivox's systems tend towards the latter option - their software has been integrated into several MMORPGs, including "EverQuest II," "Star Wars Galaxies," "EVE Online," and "Second Life."

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