Home downloaded by 3.4 million PS3 users

PlayStation Home, the community application released at the end of last year, has so far been downloaded by more than 3.4 million PS3 users, according to Sony, with USD 1 million worth of goods downloaded via the service.

A total of 330 million pieces of content have been downloaded to date via the PlayStation Network, said Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Kaz Hirai, with 17 million PSN account created.

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thereapersson4192d ago

That's not that impressive...

Still, I'm glad they are pumping support into the service. It can only get better from here.


I could not agree more,I expected it to be a lot more when u consider its free and they are over 17million ps3.Any way i downloaded home but i dont use it.I find it boring, i hope the final version will be better than what is the.

user94220774192d ago

Thats impressive for HOME

thereapersson4192d ago

considering HOME is free and is on the XMB of every system (you just have to download the data to use it), you would think a lot more people would be experiencing HOME.

Joey Greco RULES4192d ago

giving xbox owners credit for downloading a demo(or this case a "beta").

gabeh10184192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

well i have about 6 other friends that own a PS3 and they still haven't even heard about what "home" is, let alone downloaded it...

i was invited to the original beta and since downloaded the "new beta"

its ok, but nothing to take me away from the real reason I bought my PS3 in the first place...

Sony really needs to advertise their software better...

i'm pretty sure that number might jump to the 8-9 million range, if Sony actually advertised it and explained exactly what it does and the benefits of Home, if there are any...???

Hercules4191d ago

home is already there...all you have to do is start it 3.4 million people did that..where is the other 13.6 million?