Alan Wake 2 Gets Launch Trailer; Remedy Confirms DualSense Features Are on PC, Too

Remedy Entertainment has released the launch trailer for Alan Wake 2. Meanwhile, the studio confirmed DualSense support on PC, too.

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Neonridr122d ago

that's great to hear for those people who play on PC with a Dualsense. Nice added bonus.

darthv72122d ago

Still hoping for a physical collectors edition announcement.

Neonridr122d ago

me too, but I preordered the deluxe already for my PS5. I wouldn't be able to wait for some physical release down the road. I need to play this game now, lol

spicelicka122d ago

Hyped!! But won't be buying it day one because of the digital only BS. Hoping they'll eventually release a physical disc or there's a price drop digitally which i doubt.

Elda121d ago

The same for me. I have too many current games to play & more releases next month. AW2 can definitely wait.

sonic1989121d ago

Does anyone know why I am unable to preload this game on ps5? it only says purchased and no option to download/preload the game. It releases in just 4h where I am based.

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Alan Wake 2 Review - Gamerhub UK

Remedy Games does it again.

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jznrpg5d ago

A little late with the review

coolbeans5d ago

Never II late to review Alan Wake II.


Why Alan Wake 2 is Not Selling as Well as Remedy Wants

The Outerhaven writes: Remedy Entertainment has stated that despite Alan Wake 2 being its fastest-selling game, it has yet to recoup its development costs. Here are a couple of reasons why this might be.

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Tacoboto7d ago

That's pretty much hitting the nail on the head.

Not releasing on Steam especially for PC gamers I think is the bigger of the two points affecting figures, but it certainly would've helped having a physical edition out on store shelves with a slight sale for Black Friday shortly after release.

Here's hoping after the Expansions they'll bring it out to at least Steam. With retailers like Best Buy ending all physical media though, I doubt there'll be a disc out unless Remedy can do what Larian did with BG3

Sciurus_vulgaris6d ago

Remedy’s titles have never really been big sellers. However, skipping Steam was likely a mistake. Steam despite having competition, is still the dominant PC digital store front.

Cacabunga6d ago

Time to release it physical and drop this digital only crap

badz1496d ago

Steam having competition? LOL keep telling yourself THAT! there is no real competition for Steam on PC.

BeHunted6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

"Not releasing on Steam especially for PC gamer"

Because Epic funded the game, it’s not rocket science. It’s like Valve not releasing its exclusive games on the Epic Store. Competition is great.

LucasRuinedChildhood6d ago

He understands the reason why it's exclusive to EGS but it's undoubtedly one of the factors that lead to less sales than they'd like.

BehindTheRows5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

REAL competition is great. Valve also doesn't partner with 3rd party devs and make previously multiplatform franchises exclusive. They keep THEIR OWN games exclusive to Steam. Apples-to-cherries.

Besides, Epic has done nothing to push the medium forward and their store is many steps behind Steam.

FinalFantasyFanatic6d ago

Releasing on Epic Games only is a big problem, most PC gamers will not spend money there, even if they really want the game, a lot will just wait it out or just not buy.

Amplitude5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

I was absolutely hyped for this game but the digital only on consoles made me choose to play it on PC. I wasn't that devastated but then it was Epic exclusive. As a result I completely lost interest. Low hopes but fingers crossed a Steam release happens in the future.

A digital-only technical masterpiece really should be played on PC imo so the Epic thing is such a kick in the ____

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gold_drake6d ago

for me?

cause its digital only.
and their "excuse" that puttingnit on a disc would make the game a 70 dollar game.

BeHunted6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

"their "excuse" that puttingnit on a disc would make the game a 70 dollar game."

Digital games should always be cheaper than physical discs, and when they are on sale, they are much cheaper by a significant amount.

gold_drake6d ago

sure, but they made it out to be that physical games are 20 moneys more expensive because of the physical aspect.

which is dumb and not true.

shinoff21836d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Not true. Usually a physical game can be found cheaper. I picked up the remaster of Alan wake 1 off Amazon for 10.49 or some sh like that. Physical games can always be found cheaper. Unless we're talking some of the indies that get down to like 5 bucks. You ain't finding oddworld new n tasty physically for 5 bucks

Gold drake your right. Especially if you give us the option like larian. The pre orders literally pay for itself.

BeHunted6d ago


Alan Wake Remastered was less than $10 on Xbox store a few weeks ago