Final Fantasy XIII - Some new screenshots

Square Enix published some new screenshots from Final Fantasy XIII. Enjoy.

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No3568d ago

OOOO Nice my Xbox360 will love this game.

Gue13568d ago

Good to know that you two like PS3 games so much. You should buy one for Versus then...

yoghurt3568d ago

Yep and you can enjoy Versus too....oh...hang on...

Supercalifragili3568d ago

Oh C´mon, the game will be awesome in the two platforms. I´m waiting for a new trailer too.

jlemdon3568d ago

I just wanna see how well the 2 versions will be Identical.

Supercalifragili3568d ago

Well maybe the PS3 is the superior version. The 360 version is a port.

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