PS5 Slim disc drive internet connection requirement has fans worried

An internet connection requirement for the PS5 Slim disc drive has fans worried that the attachment always needs to be online to work.

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Christopher242d ago

It's only to pair it. Not to use it after being paired. Overreaction town.

Amplitude242d ago (Edited 242d ago )

Yeah I agree people are overreacting and it doesn't really matter but still - the reason people are upset is because the external disc drive is useful for the future of the console when the laser is dead and replacements are hard to find.

Theoretically if Sony goes bankrupt in 20+ years or decides to shut the Update servers down, all of a sudden every external disc drive is useless.

Like with most "preservation" things I don't think it matters much because in 20 years the PS5 modding community will be thriving and these disc drives will work anyway, but uhhhh yeah that's the line of thinking here.

Christopher242d ago

*** Theoretically if Sony goes bankrupt in 20+ years or decides to shut the Update servers down, all of a sudden every external disc drive is useless. ***

Just FYI, so would most Blu-ray disc drives out there since digital keys are used with all of them for Blu-ray content. Every console Blu-ray requires this, including the XSX/PS5 with it built in from the get-go.

EvertonFC242d ago

Maybe we're different, but I don't buy things expecting them still to be working in 20 years pmsl.
Theoretically that can happen with any purchase you ever make in life if any company goes bust.
Would you be able to play any GP or ps plus games if Sony or Xbox went out of business ? Or find a a replacement part for your hoover in 20 years or washing machine etc etc.

Kombatologist242d ago (Edited 242d ago )


Video game preservation is important. Comparing it to appliances that are designed to break is a false equivalence.

Seraphim242d ago

@kombat- how so? Both are pieces of electronic equipment. Parts shortages and issues are real. Be that vehicles, appliances or any other forms of electronics. The point is that at some point you may not be able to fix something you own in 20 years due to parts unavailability.

ozzfreak242d ago


Digital is the best preservation. My entire collection is backed up digitally, some pulled directly off a modded console. Some of my physical discs have already succumbed to disc rot :( bank on modders letting you get to the digital stuff.

badz149242d ago


"Theoretically if Sony goes bankrupt in 20+ years or decides to shut the Update servers down, all of a sudden every external disc drive is useless."

found 1 of the inhabitants of Overreaction Town!

Cacabunga242d ago

Last time Spiderman 2 make or break
Today fans worried about a one time internet use to pair a hardware.

Fake Videogamer website is laughable

Amplitude241d ago (Edited 241d ago )

Well why the heck else does anybody care that you need internet to activate the disc drive then?
Like i said in my og message, I don't care in the slightest about this. I play on PC my dudes.

Comparing video games to a washing machine isn't a fair comparison. Video games are art that should be able to be experienced for all of time. A washing machine is a washing machine.

I'm just speculating on why people might take issue with this, and that's all I can think of. I also do see their point. Requiring internet on a closed platform like a console is really dirty and just makes me hope to god the console gets hacked so emulation can keep the games playable.

Like, If Spiderman 2 remains PS5 exclusive and the PS5 never gets hacked, it means the game will be completely impossible to play in 50 (or 100. Or 150. Or 200) years when servers are dead and disc drive lasers have failed. Surely that sucks, no? Why would anybody want that? All the recent CoD Forza and Gran Turismo games requiring a constant server connection to play the single player is absolutely evil as well.

Why do people accept and vouch for this nonsense lol. I've been playing a lot of PS3 games in RPCS3 and replaying Vita games on the PSTV and it's pretty sick. Just replayed Enslaved and Uncharted Golden Abyss. It would kind of suck if i went to play and both those games just to be hit with "Cannot connect to server. Please try again later" for the rest of eternity, then put the physical copy in and got hit with "Your Vita Card slot isnt activated. Please activate" "Unable to connect to the activation server. Please try again later".
In the case of Golden Abyss with no Vita emulator, that's the end of that game forever. Pretty uncool. Seems like something we should probably be against?

VariantAEC237d ago

"Disc rot."
I too store my physical games in a vat of fungi and acid...

Seriously, what the f••• is "disc rot?"
I have f•••••• 3 1/4 floppy disks that still work just fine 30 years on. Never ever had a CD "rot" on me. Nor has any software storage media even lost enough data to corrupt a game (or track of music or anything) due to natural expectations of data loss due to the intrinsic flaws of various storage media from tape cassettes to diskettes, CDs, and cartridges. +30 years of software on a multitude of media... *NOTHING HAS ROTTED AWAY ON ME.*

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Mr_cheese242d ago

Hey, you published the article on here 🤣

Videogamer could have just posted the news about the Internet connection and cleared any misconceptions up but in classic trait, they jumped on flame

Christopher242d ago

I'm not in charge of writing, only publishing what I'm asked to publish.

Mr_cheese242d ago

Very aware. You're a cog in the machine now 😂

-Foxtrot242d ago

“I'm not in charge of writing, only publishing what I'm asked to publish”

What happens when you say no?

Do they call an enforcer to rough you up abit :’)

Christopher242d ago

*** What happens when you say no? ***

I mean, what happens when you say no to your bosses at other jobs?

-Foxtrot242d ago

Me? If it’s something in generally don’t want to do? Well normally they ask why, I explain, they get arsey, then there’s a possible argument, lot of death stares and in the end they then decide it’s easier to move into someone else, usually the newer guys who will most likely say yes because they know I’ve been there longer and if I go they will have to faff around finding a replacement who knows the place while spending time doing so much training with them which they literally can’t be arsed to do.

Christopher242d ago

***it’s easier to move into someone else, usually the newer guys who will most likely say yes***

So it happens anyway, right?

Mr_cheese242d ago

I fear I've started something through friendly jest :(

But seriously, do videogamer know we hate their articles?

Christopher242d ago

I'd say people hate some of their articles as much as others, but you folk also like some of their articles. What they are aware of is how they perform with their metrics, which may not align with your comments on them. But, where necessary, I do bring very vocal displeasure to their ears. Note that things are not pinned anymore because I reported your reactions to them.

Mr_cheese242d ago

For sure, metrics are the rule.

I'll say it again though, I poke fun but understand your role and commend your transparency since the take over

isarai242d ago (Edited 242d ago )


Fk off dude, rarely does someone have the luxury of quitting their source of income over a disagreement. Not that there even has to be one here, it's just an article about video games. Like we're all passionate about our hobby here, but at the end of the day it's just video games, not only that, a simple article doing nothing but asking questions, arguably dumb questions, but nothing worth taking anywhere near such a severe reactionary stance on.

You don't have to like the article, you don't even have to like Christopher, but to try and make someone feel bad for trying to make a living, especially one in an industry you're passionate about, is low and a real d!ck move.

Also I call BS you argue whenever you encounter something you don't want to do at your job. Especially the complete fantasy of a scenario where your employer yields to you.

"lot of death stares and in the end they then decide it’s easier to move into someone else"

Did everyone stand up and cheer too? 🤣 trust me, I've managed people like you, more like they're already looking for a replacement and in the end you'll be out of a job with no notice.

Grow up and Chill out bro, it ain't that serious

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darthv72242d ago (Edited 242d ago )

I guess it is the lock the drive to that machine so you could not remove it. Kind of bummed about that but I understand the logic. Sony (and MS) do that now with the optical drives in the PS5/SX. If the optical fails, you need to remove the drive board and attach it to another optical drive in order for it to work because the drive board is married to the mainboard.

I figured them going this route would alleviate this issue and make for easier replacing of the drive. Its still easier, just that you likely need to go through this pairing each time you replace the drive. I'd also assume you have to pair it if you wanted to just pop the drive off and plug into another slim. Like a friends or you get another one for another room but dont want to invest in another drive.

Maybe the drive can be paired to more than one system...? That would be cool too. It is meant to be detachable and not a permanent fixture. So they would had to have thought about all scenarios.

nitus10241d ago (Edited 241d ago )

From the article.

"The PS5 Slim disc drive does not always need to be online to work."

And in the same paragraph.

"Internet connection required to pair PS5 disc drive and PS5 console upon setup."

Fully agree - Overreaction town.

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DarXyde242d ago (Edited 242d ago )

I think the concern about potential server shutdowns making it impossible to pair a device is valid. If Sony can release this requirement via update down the road, I suppose that's workable, but I want no part of the next generation if this is the standard going forward. It seems like a small issue, but it's really a bit outrageous that you can have a physical console and disc drive and need the internet to set it up to be able to play your physical copy of Spider-Man 2.

Feels like we're treading cautious ground with this one. Easy to dismiss as no big deal, but I don't know. I'm skeptical.

Petebloodyonion242d ago

So ppl are buying a car running on gaz but same ppl complain that the car is polluting by using gaz?
Is it me but I would expect that a digital only console would need to connect to the Internet from time to time or always online if it's not the main console.

ChasterMies241d ago

“So ppl are buying a car running on gaz but same ppl complain that the car is polluting by using gaz?”

That’s a bad comparison because not everyone owns a car and not everyone who owns a car has a car that runs on gas.

Petebloodyonion241d ago

My point is simple I doubt that ppl who can only buy games DIGITALLY from the PlayStation will complain about the idea that the console needs to connect once on the internet to validate the disk drive when they already needed to connect online in the 1st place.

SinisterMister242d ago

I mean, why? Have these "fans" lost the ability to read and comprehend? The internet's only required to set the thing up for the FIRST TIME. That's it.