Boosteroid Talks Restructured Microsoft/ABK Deal, Hopes to Add Games Soon Along 4K Servers by AMD

Wccftech interviewed Boosteroid's Corporate VP to learn their viewpoint on the restructured Microsoft/ABK deal and when ABK games are coming to the cloud platform.

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Obscure_Observer215d ago

More Xbox games for more players worldwide, means more, new and better games to us!

Let´s go!

Jin_Sakai215d ago

You don’t know what good games are. PlayStation and Nintendo fans are eating this month while you’re busy defending Xbox at every turn.

Spider-Man 2 - 90 MC
SMB Wonder - 93 MC
Xbox - ?

Obscure_Observer215d ago

"PlayStation and Nintendo fans are eating this month while you’re busy defending Xbox at every turn."

How many times do I have to you, dude?

I don´t envy you!

Your Metascores means nothing to me!

Still playing Starfield, and the more I play it, the more I love it!

I wouldn´t NEVER trade Bethesda´s games for Insomniac´s games or the whole lot Nintendo games!

I´m a RPG fan and those companies has nothing for me!

In fact, XGS has all games genres covered, so believe when I said that we´re good! ;)

BeHunted214d ago (Edited 214d ago )

I'm pretty sure Xbox First Party IP; Call of Duty will generate billions this November, by having less than 88% Metacritic Rating. Ratings are just an Opinion.

214d ago
blackblades214d ago (Edited 214d ago )

If MS goes 3rd party like Sega that will break you I bet

Obscure_Observer214d ago

"If MS goes 3rd party like Sega that will break you I bet"

No more than it´s gonna break YOU!

That clown Jim Ryan made sure that Xbox will never put their games on Playstation ever again as long Gamepass continue to exist!

"I talked to all the publishers, and they unanimously do not like Game Pass because it is value destructive"

Sony made clear that they hate Gamepass among ALL gaming publishers! Jim Ryan burned ALL the bridges beyond repair!

So don´t ever expect to see Xbox as third party publisher for Sony as long Satya Nadella and Phil Spencer continues to run the show at Microsoft! Period!

214d ago
214d ago

Neil Druckmann clarifies true intent of new Naughty Dog game comments

Following a recent interview with Sony, Naughty Dog head Neil Druckmann claims the original intent was “unfortunately lost” in the process.

just_looken1d 23h ago

He can take dog shit put it in a oven with seasoning then call it waistland cookies the sony fans will pay $40 a cookie give them a medal of cooking.

No mater what trash this sobs puts out/talks about it will sell.

The true fact in the 8 years sense uncharted 4 his first time in the main seat to a point all this "amazing" team did was get 2 dudes to fuck in a van then destroy a franchise they never created.

But being a port studio they are decent at they should keep in there lane at being just that a glorified port studio.

fr0sty1d 21h ago

Salty Bots... gotta love it.

just_looken1d 20h ago


Over what? naught dog under his command is a glorified port team tlou2 was mostly tlou 1 asset's with the same game play loop but forced a trans down your throat.

I would gladly help pay for this blight and his team to get removed from gaming in general.

fr0sty1d 18h ago

Seeing a LGBT person exist in a work of fiction isn't "forcing them down your throat". Nobody is forcing you to play it. Nobody is forcing you to agree with it. If you think that just seeing a LGBT person exist is "force", it sounds like they make you very uncomfortable, and maybe you need to be doing some serious reflecting on exactly why... looks to me like you're suppressing something with all that fear.

just_looken1d 17h ago


When i think of the last of us i think of a group of survivors crossing the apocalypse wasteland with a growing bond between 2 people that end up with Joel making ellie his new daughter.

Then you fire up the 2nd one bang joel is dead oh that comic series? bang dead

Oh you want to continue all that we grew in the first one? na f that toss it in the trash

Now here is a trans woman so strong superboy would blush go out there kill all what made tlou1 then halfway get a forced sex scene that you can not skip between 2 dudes.

The gameplay? just like the first game the combat/backpack system crafting sytem? 0 changes/improvements.

I could go on but lets face it they copy pasted that tlou 1 assets bin a shit ton of times.

There is nothing on the box or the ads or anything before the game that said you would going to spend most of the game controlling a new trans character that has no ties to anything of the first game the only existence was to kill what the first game made.

Oh but hey there is a mp mode coming out before 2022 wait what is that? oh we made it its own game then cancelled it now go but the game again as we port it a few times.


mkis0071d 16h ago (Edited 1d 16h ago )

What has Straley or Henig released since they left ND? Not a thing! stop scapegoating! Which of them is credited with co-writing a majorly successful show?

just_looken1d 15h ago


You bring up Bruce Straley really? someone that gave us 4 generations of amazing games and was there in the creation of 4 legendary franchises but was tossed in the trash for the pos niel druckmann not 7? years ago

So yeah in those 7? years you right all he has done is get 2 awards one is a game award for a puzzle game he made oh boy right like for fuck sake's all niel has done is one game that was a overhyped fan boy orgasm underneath all that ps jizz was just a typical 5/10 game.

Then you drag Amy Hennig that poor woman was also kicked out then became this century's Brendan Fraser with her sexual misconduct information coming out.

We all know how horrible people are treated behind the scenes she might have been sexual attacked groped or something.

So yeah all she did after was battlefield hardline forspoken now that new marvel 1945 game but hey Brendan Fraser was a great actor till he also said he was sexually attacked just now he is allowed back in no doubt she also had to take a leave of absence out and or was forced out on ice.

Man there are way to many out there that look at niel at the new gaming jesus when all he had done is some work on uncharted 4 then tlou2

Oh also the tvhshow? for real all they did was use stuff from the 2013 game its like saying GOT was a 10/10 but never watching past season 3

-Foxtrot1d 12h ago


That's highly unfair to them both

Amy Hennig got messed around working on projects that got cancelled by the publishers (EA) and then ended up on a awful game (Forspoken) where you had 4 other writers working on it which is just a recipe for disaster. She is now working on Marvel 1943: Rise of Hydra. Not her fault she was pushed out of NaughtyDog, something both Nolan North and Richard McGonagle have both said in interviews.

Bruce Straley left after burn out, the rest of the story we don't know and will never know just like what happened with Amy Hennig. He decided to take a break and wasn't sure if he wanted to come back to gaming however he had an idea he wanted to make so he founded Wildflower Interactive, a smaller studio where they are currently working on a new game.

Tacoboto1d 10h ago

@the obvious stain of a commenter

The trans character wasn't Abby. Try playing Part 2 instead of gatekeeping what you think Part 1 was about and meant.

Maybe try watching the show while you're at it, because you're terribly off with your opinion on that too

MajorLazer1d 8h ago

Naughty Dog is better than all the MS studios put together.

derek1d 7h ago (Edited 1d 7h ago )

@just he has been behind 2 of the greatest games ever made. Tlou2 was easily the best non-vr game made last gen. Losers just can't get over Joel's death, mixed with the usual console war nonsense. The fact that you so casually call him a sob shows how deranged some gamers have become about Drunkmann.

derek1d 7h ago

@frosty, for people like Just, including anyone that can be categorized as being a minority in any kind of media is "forcing it down his throat " lol. I to don't care for poor "checking box" inclusion for inclusion sake but that was not the case with tlou2.

fr0sty1d 7h ago (Edited 1d 7h ago )

The pathetic part about it is, you can tell just_looken never even played TLOU, because that was the game where Ellie's sexuality was first brought to light... No "that was forced down our throats" to be said about that.

Only terrified folks in the closet that use their hatred as cover from outing themselves fear LGBT people that much. They exist. They will exist in all aspects of life, including popular media. Get over it.

just_looken23h ago


Once again you drag out something like its a big win

Here is my old channel a clip of me playing TLOU on ps3

Search my channel for more clips

Proof its my channel? look at this profiles banner that is 7yrs old then look at other vids on that channel like my bf3 clips to see my psn id. But knowing this group that is way to much work.

Also elle being a lesbian is another trump card? one dlc is all we got of that a dlc that took over a year to be tossed out.

Rainbowcookie22h ago

Hey at least we have cookies to eat 😄

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Rangerman12082d ago

Glad he clarified it but i'm still somewhat skeptical. Plus, his comments about how Ai will revolutionize storytelling were still pretty iffy.

anast2d ago

No need to bow down, Stan your ground. The AI comments were gross though.

S2Killinit2d ago

Pretty excited as I read these. I just cant wait to see what ND is up to.

Export2d ago

put a chick in it and make her gay !

shadowknight2032d ago

Next they need a diverse couple, and perhaps some climate activists

StormSnooper1d 8h ago (Edited 1d 8h ago )

I would love that if only to piss off all the lunatics. Lol