Woolworths closure was 'unnecessary'

Retailer's majority shareholder reveals inside story behind High Street legend's collapse: Woolworths' largest shareholder Ardeshir Naghshineh has called the demise of the retailer "unnecessary", and talked of his frustration over the collapse.

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Vip3r3663d ago

They were still a bump though. ~£40 for all new games.

Caxtus7503663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )


Comments on the article were like "Why didnt the goverment bail them out?"

Bailing Woolies out would be a huge mistake. It is very sad about the jobs but Woolies has been in trouble for many years. The credit crunch just sped up what was always going to happen.

Revvin3663d ago

It would be ridiculous for the Government to bail out Woolworths. They were a retail dinosaur that did not move with the times. Should the Government bail out every business that hits the skids? Its a terrible thing to lose your job and I hope the staff can find other employment during this tough economic period but it irritates me when you see stories like in my local paper of three sad faced woman moaning they only got 10 days notice. When the national mechanical and electrical engineering company I worked for went through the hoop I had an hours notice!

SRU96003662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

Hmm... It looks like Woolworths in the UK must be different than they are here in the States.

When I was younger we had a Woolworths in our town, and the only thing I remember about it were the aquariums full of dead fish and the bird cages full of sick birds.
To call it a "dump" would be an insult to dumps. lol

They also had a restaurant in the store (probably serving those poor birds and fish that didn't make it, come to think of it...)

Joey Greco RULES3663d ago

oh well, you could always open a 7-11 on your block.

TIKUP3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

I read somewhere that all woolworths stores were being brought by gamestop which hasnt hit uk yet because of game and gamestation but thanks to these woolies stores they can buy them and and be in competion with both game and gs!! Meaning that we will get lower priced games being you know how competieters are these days!!

Scarfy3662d ago

They didn't really seem to have a place on the highstreet. It was like going into a brick-a-brack store, where they just sold anything and everything.

They should have specialised in one particular market, such as children's toys and clothing.

Selling TVs alongside garden furniture, next to DVDs, consoles, sweets, CDs, clothes, and kitchen utensils that could be bought [a lot] cheaper elsewhere was their real problem.