Rare Talks Banjo

In a video interview with, concept artist Ryan Stevenson said, "We're creating a new Banjo world but with the same characters as before. It's been many years since Banjo was around and a lot has changed. There is a lot of new tech that we can pour into the world now, making it a richer place."

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marionz4261d ago

im so excited about playing a new banjo! i loved it back in the n64 days! i played it again just reciently but it didnt have the same spark, listening to the characters squeeking along to the never ending sub titles was a bit too much, but a new version will rock! i wonder if banjo can talk this time round tho!

FirstknighT4261d ago

I'm glad Rare stepped up its game for the 360. They been making excellent games so far. This game will definatly be a winner!

HandsomeDante4261d ago (Edited 4261d ago )

Mad Monster Mansion, that was the best stage in Banjo & Kazooie, damn i miss the big white glove playing the organ, or climbing to the top of the church and just simply dropping off, because it was so far up and the world was huge! I hope this next one is like that, but way way better

PS360WII4261d ago

If MS keeps to it's publisher ways and realizes that this game would do wonders on Wii also. MS already stated it's support for the DS they'd be a fool to think they would make a lot of money off Banjo on 360 alone. If this title came out for 360 and Wii they'd be making lots o cash.

mellowspaz4261d ago (Edited 4261d ago )

I'm still hoping this will be released on the wii virtual console. Seeing how they made diddy kong racing on ds I'd love to play the original again. I'll be purchasing the 360 version as well.