CyberConnet2 counting down to new game announcement


"The developers of the recently released PlayStation 3 Naruto game are counting down to a new announcement.

Yes, CyberConnect2 are getting ready to announce a new game. They've already teased a Nintendo DS title, without officially revealing what it actually is, so perhaps that's what's in store.

Then again, it's about time they released a new .hack video game, which made the development studio famous on the PlayStation 2."

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FreestyleBarnacle4193d ago

With the speed it seems games can be made on the DS does anyone think they started the countdown when they came up with the idea and it will be released when the countdown ends?

sinncross4193d ago (Edited 4193d ago )

I dont think this countdown is about the DS title, this is the DS title:

The Countdown is in the same list of Development Titles, one of which is the DS title which is 'coming soon'.

I reckon this is either a PSP title or PS3. It could also be some racing game that were rumored to making at one stage.

Wildarmsjecht4193d ago

a .Hack title for the PS3...I'd buy it. I always loved the series.

jlemdon4193d ago

Either that or ACCEL 3 for (Jap) PS2. at least that's what I want.

techie4193d ago

ACCEL 3? What's that?

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